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Chinmaya Vidyalaya Boarding School – Myths

Myths about boarding schools

For years a boarding school was assumed to be a place where to send trouble some kids. Now students willingly pack their bags and wait for the vacations to be over to be able to get back as early as possible. People think boarding schools are meant for the rich or for troublesome children. This is a myth as the boarding schools have now become affordable and children of educated and highly placed parents are joining them.

For years a boarding school was assumed to be a place where to send trouble some kids. Now students willingly pack their bags and wait for the vacations to be over to be able to get back as early as possible. People think boarding schools are meant for the rich or for troublesome children. This is a myth as the boarding schools have now become affordable and children of educated and highly placed parents are joining them.

Some more myths about boarding schools.

You must be rich to send your child to a boarding school
Boarding schools these days have become more accessible and even middle class and salaried people are able to afford them. If you calculate the amount of money spent on school fees, bus charges, food and other incidental expenses especially tuitions, the total sum is hardly different form what boarding schools charge.

The only difference being that at home you spend day to day and month to month, whereas in a boarding school you have to pay either the whole fees in one go or in two installments

Boarding Schools are only meant for trouble some kids Of course it is right that some parents do tend to send trouble some kids to boarding schools, such children constitute a miniscule minority in most of these schools.

Kids do not enjoy or have fun at boarding schools.
Discipline and rules are definitely a part of a boarding school but you might be surprised to know that boarding schools are a lot of fun. If you talk to boarding school students or alumni today, most will tell you the same thing,  it's an environment that's conducive to making incredible friends and having fun in the process. Keep in mind that while strong academics are a key focus for boarding schools, they also strive to foster independence in students.

There is no diversity at a boarding school.
You will find students from different geographic, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds in a boarding school. Also, boarding schools create more meaningful opportunities for different students to interact with one another-whether in the dorms, classrooms or playing fields - they will always be surrounded by a diverse population that they'll inevitably get to know throughout the year..

It will be hard to keep in touch with the family.
Boarding school students and their families are fortunate in that with the advances in communications, it's much easier than ever to stay connected. Most of the boarding schools these days have a weeks vacation every three months so that the children do not get homesick

Chinmaya Vidyalaya is one of the best boarding Schools of North India situated between Chandigarh and Shimla, in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is a premier residential School providing world class hostel facilities and value-based education.

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Boarding School is Right Place

Is Boarding School a right Choice

Sending your child to a boarding school isn’t an easy decision as your child will have to adjust to a new environment. For some children the physical separation from family and friends is emotionally difficult. But the benefits of a boarding school far outweigh these problems. Living in a boarding school leads to learning which is more valuable than the education a child gets in a day school.

Living in a boarding school means the child is on his/her own. Of course, with plenty of support from faculty, advisors and peers. This leads to increased maturity, greater self sufficiency and superior preparation for the future. The boarding school environment encourages students to learn a little more about themselves and become a little bit more comfortable with oneself leading to a lot of personal growth and increased self confidence. The dorm mates in a boarding school become the best of friends who are remembered for life, which creates a support network.

Boarding schools have students from a wide range of geographic, racial and socio-economic backgrounds exposing the children to a wide range of individuals and cultures.

BSince the faculty in a boarding school is easily accessible throughout the day, getting academic help becomes very easy. Also relationships with faculty members and adults can better thrive in these multiple settings, creating learning and mentorship opportunities that are hard to find in other environments. Boarding school alumni are generally very enthusiastic and proud of their boarding school alma maters which creates a strong network of people and a feeling of community that lasts for life. The mission of boarding schools is not only to impart education in the classroom but to help children become better-rounded individuals.

Chinmaya Vidyalaya is one of the best boarding Schools of North India situated between Chandigarh and Shimla, in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is a premier residential School providing world class hostel facilities and value-based education.

Photo Gallery

School Campus Photo Gallery


Festival Celebrations Photo Gallery
Sports Photo Gallery
Annual Day Photo Gallery
Functions Photo Gallery
School Trip Photo Gallery
Extracurricular Activities Photo Gallery

Go to TopThe school goes through its usual routine of the seasons of many sports, games and co-curricular activities which keep both students and staff ever busy and active. As a result they lead a healthy life at Chinmaya Vidyalaya. Talents in various fields are tapped, recognized and appreciated. This is possible because of a well planned and well balanced school calendar.


1-Apr Saturday New Academic Year Begins
4-Apr Tuesday Painting Competition
7-Apr Friday Class Test
9-Apr Sunday Boarder Outing
15-Apr Saturday Himachal Day Painting
 Competition (Celebration)
16-Apr Sunday Boarder Outing
21-Apr Friday Class Test
22-Apr Saturday Inter-house Elocution 
23-Apr Sunday Boarder Outing
28-Apr Friday Class Test
29-Apr Saturday Fancy Dress Competition
30-Apr Sunday Boarder Outing
Sports Activities  during the month
3-May Wednesday Folk Dance
5-May Friday Class Test
6-May Saturday Camp Trip
7-May Sunday Camp Trip
8-May Monday Camp Trip
12-May Friday Class Test
14-May Sunday Boarder Outing
15-May Monday FA-1
19-May Friday Class Test
20-May Saturday Inter-house Quiz 
21-May Sunday Boarder Outing
22-May Monday FA-1
26-May Friday Class Test
28-May Sunday Boarder Outing
29-May Monday FA-1
Sports Activities  during the month
1-Jun Thursday Investiture Ceremony
2-Jun Friday Class Test
3-Jun Saturday Inter-House Poetry
Recitation (English)
4-Jun Sunday Boarder Outing
9-Jun Friday Class Test
11-Jun Sunday Boarder Outing
14-Jun Wednesday Inter House Debate
Competition (English)
16-Jun Friday Class Test
17-Jun Saturday Inter-House Poetry
Recitation (Hindi)
18-Jun Sunday Boarder Outing
22-Jun Thursday Class Picnic (X-XII)
23-Jun Friday Class Test
25-Jun Sunday Boarder Outing
26-Jun Monday FA-II
30-Jun Friday Class Test
Sports activity during the month
1-Jul Saturday Class Picnic (I -VIII)
2-Jul Sunday Boarder Outing
3-Jul Monday FA-II
6-Jul Thursday Inter-House Debate
Competition (Hindi)
7-Jul Friday Class Test
9-Jul Sunday Boarder Outing
10-Jul Monday Boarders Outing
14-Jul Friday Boarders Outing
16-Jul Sunday Boarder Outing/
Blood Donation Camp
17-Jul Monday FA-II
21-Jul Friday Class Test
23-Jul Sunday Boarder Outing
24-Jul Monday FA-II
27-Jul Thursday Book Fair Inauguration/
28-Jul Friday PTM  (I-VIII) /Book Fair
29-Jul Saturday PTM (IX-XII) /Book Fair/
Boaders Leave
30-Jul Sunday Vacation Commences
Sports Activities  during the month
20-Aug Sunday Boarder Return
21-Aug Monday Classes  Resume
23-Aug Wednesday Calligraphy Completion
25-Aug Friday Class Test
27-Aug Sunday Boarder Outing
30-Aug Wednesday Geeta Shlok Competition
Sports Activities  during the month
3-Sep Sunday  
5-Sep Tuesday Teachers Day
10-Sep Sunday Boarder Outing
15-Sep Friday SA-I 
16-Sep Saturday SA-I 
17-Sep Sunday Boarder Outing
18-Sep Monday SA-I 
19-Sep Tuesday SA-I 
20-Sep Wednesday SA-I 
21-Sep Thursday SA-I 
22-Sep Friday SA-I 
23-Sep Saturday SA-I 
24-Sep Sunday Boarder Outing
25-Sep Monday SA-I 
30-Sep Saturday Dusshera Holiday/
Educational Tour
Sports Activities  during the month
1-Oct Sunday Boarders Outing/
Educational Tour
2-Oct Monday Mahatama Jayanti/
Educational Tour
3-Oct Tuesday Educational Tour
4-Oct Wednesday Educational Tour
5-Oct Thursday Educational Tour
6-Oct Friday Class Test
8-Oct Sunday Boarders Outing/
13-Oct Friday Sports Day
14-Oct Saturday Boaders Leave
15-Oct Sunday Vacation Commences
29-Oct Sunday Boaders Return
30-Oct Monday Classes  Resume
Sports Activities  during the month
Cross Country 
Lawn Tennis
3-Nov Friday Class Test/
Photography Day 1
5-Nov Sunday Boarders Outing/
Photography Day 2
6-Nov Monday FA-III
8-Nov Wednesday Photography
10-Nov Friday Class Test
12-Nov Sunday Boarders Outing
17-Nov Friday Class Test
19-Nov Sunday Boarders Outing
20-Nov Monday FA-III
24-Nov Friday Class Test
26-Nov Sunday Boarders Outing
27-Nov Monday FA-III
Sports Activity during the month 
1-Dec Friday Class Test
3-Dec Sunday Boarders Outing
8-Dec Friday Class Test
9-Dec Saturday Annual Programme
10-Dec Sunday Boarders Leave/
Vacation Commences
  Winter Vacation
4-Feb Sunday Boaders Return
5-Feb Monday Classes  Resume
14-Feb Wednesday FA-IV
16-Feb Friday Class Test
17-Feb Saturday FA-II
18-Feb Sunday Boarders Outing
20-Feb Tuesday FA-II
23-Feb Friday Class Test
25-Feb Sunday Boarders Outing
27-Feb Tuesday FA-IV
Sports Activities  during the month
1-Mar Thursday Holi -Holiday
2-Mar Friday Class Test
4-Mar Sunday Boarders Outing
9-Mar Friday Class Test
11-Mar Sunday Boarders Outing
16-Mar Friday Class Test
17-Mar Saturday SA-II
18-Mar Sunday Boarders Outing
19-Mar Monday SA-II
20-Mar Tuesday SA-II
21-Mar Wednesday SA-II
22-Mar Thursday SA-II
23-Mar Friday Class Test
25-Mar Sunday Boarders Outing
26-Mar Monday SA-II
27-Mar Tuesday SA-II
29-Mar Thursday PTM  (I-V)
30-Mar Friday PTM (VI-X)
31-Mar Saturday PTM (XI-XII)
1-Apr Saturday New session Commences
29 July (Saturday)- Boarders Leave
30 July (Sunday)- Vacation Commences
20 Aug (Sunday)- Boarders Return
21 Aug (Monday)-Classes Resume
14 Oct  (Saturday)- Boarders leave
15 Oct (Sunday)- Vacation Commences
29 Oct (Sunday)-Boarders Return
30 Oct ( Monday)-Classes Resume
9 December (Saturday)- Boarders Leave
9 December (Saturday)- Vacation Commences
4 Feb (Sunday) –Boarders Return
5 Feb(Monday) – Classes Resume

School Events

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Holi was celebrated in school on march 13, 2017 in a traditional manner with great fervor and enthusiasm. Students and staff rejoiced, made merry and submerged themselves in the colors of Holi with dancing and singing. The principal of the school joined the event and told the students about the importance of this festival. Students enjoyed delicious "Gujias" after the celebration.



Annual Function "Navrang-2017"

Annual Function "Navrang" was celebrated in our school on 9th Dec, 2017 with great zeal and zest. Honorable Chief guests Superintendent of Police Solan Mr.Mohit Chawla, Mr. O.P. Chaudhary(Vice President Haryana Congress), Mr. Tarsem Bharti Chairman of Himachal Pradesh Indoor Cricket Association (HPICA) and Mr. Baldev Thakur (Pradhan G.P. Nauni) graced the occasion along with other dignitaries. The function started with the Lighting of lamp by chief guest accompanied by our worthy director Dr.Ravi Dutt Gaur , Mr. Vivek Sharma and Principal Mr. Subhojit Ghosh . The cultural program presented by students was applauded by one and all .All items were based on different themes. Academic and other prizes were given to students by the chief guest. The program ended ceremonially with the speech of chief guest and vote of thanks given by the director of school.




Our school organized the Book fair 2017 on 27th August 2017 to 29th August 2017 and various schools and colleges attended it. It was a multilingual literary concoction aimed to suit the needs of different groups. It was the third open book fair of its kind in Solan and immensely enjoyed by the visitors. The event was a success with students as well as teachers having a great time with the “books- one’s best friend”.


Annual School Fete - 2017

The Annual School Fete was held in the campus of Chinmaya Vidyalaya on 28th August 2017 where the news bureau of 18TV Mr. Kirti Kaushal was the chief guest and motivator chief Mr. Baldev Singh Gram Panchayat President of Nauni. There were various games and food stalls set by our adorable students. The fete was immensely enjoyed by parents and other visitors.


Adventure Trip-2017

The school organized Manali Camp Trip between May 6th to May 10th, 2017. Students enjoyed trekking at Solang Village and Anjani Mahadev respectively. They also took part in Rappelling , River Crossing, Zorbing and Mountain bikes enthusiastically. Evert body got refreshed amidst the serene surroundings of this place.


Annual Day-2016

Annual Function "TARANG" was celebrated in school on 10th Dec, 2016 with great zeal and zest. Honorable Chief guest Superintendent of Police Shimla Mr.Ramesh Chhajta graced the occasion along with other dignitaries. The function started with the Lighting of lamp by chief guest accompanied by our worthy director Dr. Sunil Dhand and Principal Mr. Subhojit Ghosh . An Art and Craft exhibition put up by our students was highly appreciated by chief guest and parents.

The cultural program presented by students was applauded by one and all .All items were based on different themes like National Integration, Peace and Harmony, Women Empowerment, Mahishamardini Stotram etc. The item Shimmering Smilies presented by tiny tots added beauty to the program.

Academic and other prizes were given to students by the chief guest . The program ended ceremonially with the speech of chief guest and vote of thanks given by the director of school.



Chinmaya Vidyalaya Nauni, Solan has been the venue for the CBSE CLUSTER XVIII BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT Under 19 – Boys & Girls – 2016.

The Basketball fiesta, in which the Basketball Teams from the CBSE Affiliated Schools of Haryana, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh the Union Territory of Chandigarh participated, lasted for five days, from 19th October to 23rd October, 2016.

Shri. Virender Kashyap Honorable Member of Parliament on 19th October. He declared the game open and wished good luck to all teams.

The closing ceremony was held on 23rd October,2016. Dr. Col. Dhani Ram Shandil Honorable Minister of Social Justice Empowerment & Sainik Welfare was the chief guest who gave away the prize to runners up and winning teams.



Teacher’s day was celebrated on 5th September, 2016 with a lot of enthusiasm and vigour. The function was organized by the students and was of extremely satisfactory level where the teachers as well as the students had an amazing time. The class XII batch of 2016-17 donated a to the school and the 30 kg cake was ordered for the event. The efforts of the students were covered and highlighted by the media as well.

An exemplary activity done on Teacher’s Day was the benevolence shown by all staff member by contributing for the fruits, sweets and food grains. A team of teachers and students along with Principal visited the under-privileged children at Himgiri Kalyan Asharam, Shilli and Zonal Hospital at Solan where the eatables were distributed to children and patients respectively.



Our heart is filled with immense joy as we announce that our schools Boys Basketball team won in the Utkarsh Sahodaya Basketball Tournament-2016 for the third time and make it a hat trick. The tournament was organized on 3rd September 2016 to 4th September 2016 with various teams of Sahodaya schools from Solan and Shimla participated. It was an extremely enjoyable event where the students had a great time cheering the sports team and raising their spirits.



Rakshabandhan was celebrated on 18th August 2016. Students had a very homely feeling as they dressed up on this auspicious occasion in authentic Indian attire and enjoyed the day with exchange of rakhis and gifts which came from their homes. It was a very healthy and happy celebration for both girls and boys who cherished the pure relation of a brother and a sister


Independence Day 15th August 2016

Independence Day was celebrated very joyously and colorfully. Students interpreted different cultures in their dance forms. There was a vivid display of South-Indian, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi styles of dance. Elaborate speeches of the struggle and hardships of freedom fighters and their sacrifice for the country gave goose bumps.

The patriotic song sung by our students and staff mesmerized the entire crowd.

Overall it was a heart touching event and the students as well as the teachers enjoyed it thoroughly.



A Blood Donation camp was organized by our school’s NSS Unit in association with the Rotary club of Solan on 22/11/2015. There were enthusiastic participants from outside the school and even the teachers donated. Mr. Madan Himachali was the chief guest of this event and appreciated the efforts of staff members who look the initiative of organizing this camp for a noble cause.


Annual Sports Day-‘Umang 2015’ was an extremely successful event held in our school on 7th November 2015. Dr Daljeet Singh (Vice Chancellor of Bahra University) was the esteemed chief guest and praised the efforts of the whole school in bringing different pieces together to make this event happen.

There were various sports drills and cultural performances which was a delight to be witnessed by all the guests including the parents. The day was indeed celebrated with great vigour and the function proved to be a grand affair.

Smt. Santosh Dhand Memorial Trophy was awarded to the best house (Tagore House)



On 21st February 2015 the class +1 students organized a farewell party for their seniors class +2 at Centa Rosa Resort. The party started with opening speech, titles and the cultural performance were given by the students. On the basis of talent hunt, ramp walk and tasks, Mst. Lahul and Miss Riya were declared as the Mr. and Miss Farewell where as Mst. Paras Anand and Miss Simran Rana were declared Mr. and Miss Chinmaya. After that ,small speech was given by the Principal Mr. Subhojeet Ghosh and the Vice Principal Mr. Sushil Kumar. At last party came to an end with grand dinner and joint session, in which everyone matched their feet with the music.



Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Nauni, Solan, has organized a special 7 days camp, in the adopted village, Nauni, from 11th to 18th October, 2014, with 30 volunteers. The opening of the programme was done by Advocate Sanjeev Panwar. The volunteers worked on the various utilization activities of wasteland, cleaning of public places, creating awareness among the villagers about cleanliness, especially that of water sources. The students interacted with the villagers, daily and the villagers also came forward to help the NSS Volunteers, in the various activities they had been dealing with. The resource persons, from various departments, interacted with the students daily, and shared a lot of time. The camp was a huge success, as it was helpful for both the students and the villagers. It was fun, work, wisdom and even a source of encouragement for the students and the villagers. The Panchayat authority and the people of Nauni were appreciating the National Service Scheme Volunteers for the efforts they have taken and their contribution for the betterment of Nauni.



28th September 2014 was the destined day for a group of 47 students accompanied by Mr. Anshul Verma and Miss. Rajni Sharma, and Mr. Sateesh, to embark on a grand trip to the queen of beaches – Goa through Mumbai, at 05:00 AM, in a Bus designed for entertainment. Though the train journey for almost a day was not that good part of the programme, the weeklong trip turned out be a great experience for each and every one of us.

The Trip included the major attractions of Goa, like Baga Beach, Calangute Beach, Anjuna Beach, Dona Paula Beach etc, in addition to the famous Marine Drive, Mannath, Juhu Beach, Essel World and Water Park, Haji Ali, Siddi Vinayak Temple, Gateway Of India, The Taj, and so on….. The students really enjoyed shopping at Linking Road, Colaba, and so on. Even some parents have joined the trip. The ferry ride, beaches and the food were major attractions for the students. The tour party was back in the campus on 5th October, 2014.


Children’s Science Congress 2014

A two-days long ‘Children’s Science Congress – Solan Sub Division’ was held in the campus, on 30th September and 1st October, 2014. The Science Exhibition cum Competition was organized by The Deputy Director of Elementary Education, Solan District, supported by SCSTE, Shimla. About fifty schools in the Solan subdivision participated in the Congress. Devi Aparajitha, a XI Science student of our school, won the third prize for the science modeling, on the topic Climate and Development. The winners would participate in the District Level Science Congress, next month.



The navratri celebrations in the school came to an end on 2nd October. The students who were fasting for the past nine days, had attended the special prayer service, arranged in the temple, headed by Mr. Vinet Kumar Shastri and attended by the Principal. In the afternoon, all the students and teachers also joined for the feast at the havan point, marking the end of the fasting, and the celebrations.


Press Releases

India's best boarding schools in news

Chinmaya Vidyalaya is proud to host some of the most prestigious Cultural and Co-curricular activities of the state of Himachal Pradesh. The school has a rich tradition of being a host to eminent dignitaries at all its functions.



School Routine Calendar for Top Residential Schools in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh North India

The school goes through its usual routine of the seasons of many sports, games and co-curricular activities which keep both students and staff ever busy and active. As a result they lead a healthy life at Chinmaya Vidyalaya. Talents in various fields are tapped, recognized and appreciated.



Chinmaya Vidyalaya Nauni - CBSE boarding schools activities and events

There is never a dull moment at Chinmaya. Several inter and intra school activities go on all the year round which breaks the monotony of studies. The events are planned in a way so as to include all the children of the school and give them maximum exposure.



Achievements at Best Residential Boarding Schools in North India

Chinmaya Vidyalaya has right from the beginning produced well groomed young ladies and gentlemen. These have now assumed their roles as engineers, doctors and architects. Many of them turn-up for the Annual Alumni Meet with fond memories of their school and mentors.



Post a Review about Chinmaya Vidyalaya Nauni - Top boarding school for girls in India

The school is extremely proud to state that the children who pass out from here are fully equipped to face the challenges of life. They visit the school; send emails and letters thanking their Alma-mater for making them what they are today.

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"Quality Boarding Schools in the lap of Nature"

If you were to scour the country for India’s best boarding schools, Chinmaya Vidyalaya would rank high up among them. It is indeed one of the finest residential schools in India for both boys as well as girls. Situated in Nauni (Solan) in Himachal Pradesh, it offers a great environment for learning.

Chinmaya Vidyalaya is affiliated with the CBSE Board as is well renowned for the superior facilities and academics that it provides. North India is known for its great boarding schools, and this one simply is another feather in the hat for being one of the best boarding schools in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh.

The aim here are Chinmaya Vidyalaya is to promote a cult of creative goodness amongst children. The school offers co-education, English Medium, CBSE affiliation and Senior secondary boarding schools in India services.

Both boys and girls are invited to make the most of the environment that is so conducive for learning. The misty hills of Nauni, Himachal Pradesh, ensure that children are healthy and comfortable at all times.

Hostel facilities at Chinmaya Vidyalay for both boys and girls are known to be best for both boys as well as girls. Primary, Middle, Secondary and Senior Secondary levels are adhered to.

If you are indeed considering a boarding school for the overall welfare and development of your child, you should indeed consider the amazing opportunity that Chinmaya Vidyalaya in Nauni Himachal Pradesh has to offer.

Our focus here is to create individuals who are keen on winning and achieving success in life on all fronts. It is up to you, only you can decide your kid’s future. So, be sure to spend some time in deciding, which school is the best for your kid’s education and you have to consider Chinmaya Vidyalay, as it is one of the most credible school sin north India for both boys as well as girls.

A good education at a residential school in a great environment can gift your children with wings, which they can use to fly high and achieve what life has in store for them. So, let them fly, by giving them the right foundation, on which, they can stand and prepare to face every challenge that comes their way going forward.


The registration for the session 2018- 19 till 31 Dec. For enquiries call- 9816003773, 9540781059 and 9891497973 To register online click here

Register Online at Good International Boarding School in Himachal Pradesh, India