FAQ's Academics

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What is the teacher student ratio of the School?

The teacher student ratio of the School is 1:12.

What are the qualifications of the teaching staff?

All the teaching staff is qualified as per CBSE norms.

What are the results of the School?

We aim to ensure that all students achieve examination results which are better, relative to their abilities. We have produced 100% results in the CBSE Board examinations for the past many years with a number of merits and distinctions every year.

What languages are taught in the School?
Grade Nursery to Grade V English and Hindi
Grade VI to Grade VIII English and any two of Sanskrit & Hindi
Grade IX & Grade X English and any one of Sanskrit & Hindi 
Grade XI & Grade XII English
Are any foreign languages taught in the School?

No,foreign language are not taught in the school.

What are the subjects offered in Class XI and XII?

The School offers Science (Medical & Non Medical), Commerce with & without Maths and Humanities.

Do you provide extra coaching?

Yes, we do provide extra coaching as per the needs of the child.

Do you provide coaching for competitive exams?

No, we do not provide special coaching for competitive exams. As, these days the competitive exams are based on the CBSE syllabus, so if the child does well in CBSE he/she is also likely to do well in all entrance exams.

FAQ's Admissions

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How many students are admitted every year?

We admit approximately 50 students in various classes each year.

To which Classes are students admitted?

A child can be admitted to any class depending on the availability of a seat in that particular class/hostel. Generally there are more seats up to Class V.

When is the right time to apply for admission?

Ideally from 15th of October to 31st of December but we admit brilliant children at any stage during the academic year.

Can a child be admitted without the entrance test?

Entrance test is waived off in case of NRI's, Foreigners and for admissions to ClassXI. A Resident Indian child can be admitted without an entrance test on the request of the parents if the School feels that it would be practically difficult to bring the child for an entrance test due to the distance i.e., for Jammu and Kashmir. In such a case the School reserves the right to satisfy itself with the past performance of the child.

FAQ's General

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When was the School established?

The School was established in 1984 by Dr.Y.S.Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry for the children of its faculty who reside inside the campus of the University. In 1992 it was taken over by the Chinmaya mission. It got affiliated to the CBSE in the same year.

What is the size of the School and the number of students?

The School is spread over about 11 acres of land. The number of students in the School is about 400.

The School is up to what level?

The School is from Nursery to Class XII.

To which Board is the School affiliated?

The School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi.

How to reach the School?


The School is about 320 kms from Delhi and can be reached by road in about 7 hrs and 30 mts. Those who travel by road are advised to start early in the morning to avoid rush hour traffic and save about 2 hrs. The route is via Panipat, Karnal, Ambala, Zirakpur and Kalka.


This is by far the best way to visit the School. There are a number of trains running between Delhi and Kalka. Each train has a connecting toy train running from Kalka to Solan but because the toy train takes a long time to reach Solan and also because the School is another 15 kms from Solan, it is advisable to hire a taxi from Kalka to the School. The taxi rates are about Rs.1100 for single way or to and fro travel. Those people who want to go back on the same day are advised to travel to Kalka by the morning Shatabdi Express and return by the evening Shatabdi. The time table as prevailing on 1st of Sept ’10 is given below:

Trains from Delhi to Kalka

Train No
Train Name

Trains from Delhi to Kalka

Train No
Train Name


The nearest airports to the School are Chandigarh and Shimla. It takes about two and a half hours from Chandigarh and one and a half hours from Shimla to reach the School by taxi.

Where to stay while visiting the School?

There are a number of hotels in Solan like Himani Resots, Paragon Hotel, Ambusha Resorts, Mayur Hotel etc. Himani Resorts is best of the lot.

Is the School Co-educational?

Yes, the School is Co-educational.

Do boys and girls have separate hostels?

Yes, boys and girls have separate hostel.

When does the School session start?

The School session starts on the first working day of April every year and ends somewhere in the third week of March. The session for Class XI starts on the 15th of April every year. New admits generally join the School between March and June.

What is the average Class size?

Each Class on an average has 15-20 students thus providing individual attention to the students.

Does the School admit children of other Boards?

Yes, the School admits children from other Boards.

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Why Chinmaya Vidyalaya

We innovate…We create…We educate

  • Sprawling campus with a beautiful view of the Himalayas.
  • Situated 15 Km from Solan City and a hour and a half pleasant and comfortable drive from Kalka.
  • Six hour drive from New Delhi and a two hour drive from Chandigarh.
  • CBSE Curriculum – Nursery to Class XII
  • Qualified counselors and facilities supervised by experienced matrons and house staff.

Why  Choose Chinmaya  - We will be at the pinnacle of quality education in the country.

  • You will be able to make choices that have a direct impact on the things you learn and the life you lead at boarding school.
  • The lessons in life learned in boarding school will lay a solid foundation for adulthood.
  • Great teachers who love to teach.
  • You will make friends for life.
  • In Chinmaya classes have typically 20 - 25 children.
  • Increased maturity, greater self- sufficiency and superior preparation for college.
  • The Chinmaya library is well equipped.
  • A wide range of sporting activities under professional supervisors
  • Fine arts figure prominently in every child’s education.
  • Children are actively encouraged to participate in dramatics and music competitions to show case their talents.
  • Supporting peers and caring staff to mentor you.
  • Creating global citizens.
  • Developing maturity and a holistic preparation for college and beyond.
  • Educomp Smart Class for all students.
  • Literary and community activities like dramatics, singing, debates, elocution and interact club.
  • Excellent academic results.



  • 3D Lab for better and enhanced delivery of audio-visual media and teaching-learning material.
  • English Mentor Lab to provide an accurate insight into the speaking and listening skills of the students by improving it through accurate pronunciation and audio of English language related activities.
  • State of the art dormitories 24 hours power and hot water supply.
  • State of the art Kitchen with healthy Vegetarian and eggs menu.
  • Trained staff who believe in the words “If you don’t learn the way I teach, I teach the way you learn.
  • Our residential staffs are enthusiastic, caring and perfect mentors for children coming from home for them being called to serve beyond the call of duty are the norm and not the exception.
  • We also emphasize on grooming of our students in to ladies and gentlemen, soft skills, table manners and etiquettes.
  • Supervised usage of cell phones and laptops and I Pods.
  • Our parents and their opinions are important to us as it helps as the goal of being the number one Residential School.
  • A proper orientation programme for new students and parents to help them adapt to the new Chinmaya environment.
  • Delhi airport pickup and drop for International students.
  • Pick up and drop for Delhi children.
  • Excellent extra- curricular sporting facilities with professional coaches
  • Weekly residential facilities.


  • Purpose-built spacious dormitories to provide premium, student-friendly accommodation and have been invitingly decorated to create a homely atmosphere.
  • Separate buildings which house the Junior Boys, Girls and Senior Boys
  • Children are housed age-wise in dormitories.
  • Recreation and TV facilities available.
  • Each Boarding House is carefully supervised by an experienced warden
  • Each student is provided with his/her own bed and cupboard.
  • All dormitories are provided with attached toilets and shower rooms.
  • Matrons head the housekeeping team which supports the children throughout their time in school.
  • Adequate security around the campus.
  • 24-Hour power supply.
  • A concept based and application-oriented teaching methodology .
  • Latest teaching and testing techniques.
  • Spiritual and value-based education.
  • Beautiful and pollution free surroundings.
  • Athletics and multiple sports facilities including  Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Table-tennis, Cricket, Hockey, Football, Yoga etc.
  • Consistently excellent results.
  • Various social service programmes are organized by the school to inculcate the value of dignity of labour and compassion towards the downtrodden segments of society.
  • The students are taken out on organized field trips for a period of 7-10 days to places of historical, cultural and educational importance.


The Mentors

The teacher student ratio of the school is 1:10.All the teachers are required to be fully qualified and good proportion have invaluable experience gained at some of india's most highly regarded schools.

Many teachers live on campus with their families and all participate in the school's comprehensive extra-curricular activities. Indeed they bring a rich diversity of interests and expertise to school life.

The success of Chinmaya Vidyalaya can be credited to its cadre of committed and talented teachers for whom the education profession is very much a calling rather than simply a job.

Ms. Ritu Juneja (Administrative officer)
Name Ms. Ritu Juneja
Designation Administrative officer
Qualification M.Com. and NTT
 Experience 10 Years
She is head of the administrative department. She handles the public relation activities of the school. She takes care of the parent student enquiries and admission related queries. Her pleasant approach is always appealing and she is always willing to help with any problems being faced by the students 
Mr.Virender Kumar ( PGT Mathematics)
Name Mr.Virender Kumar
Designation PGT Mathematics
Qualification M.Sc and B.Ed. 
 Experience 14 Years
He has been teaching in this school since March 2007. He is very hard working and energetic. He loves to read books and playing with Maths. He creates interest in the students to study Mathematics. His aim is to impart the best education with the latest technologies so that every child can progress in every field. 
Mr. Harshwardhan Kaushik (PGT Computer Science)
Name Mr. Harshwardhan Kaushik
Designation PGT Computer Sci.
Qualification M.Sc and MCA 
 Experience 13 Years
He also has a Diploma in Software Engineering from National Institute of Information Technology. He has thirteen years of teaching experience at different levels. He has worked at Govt. sen. sec. school (Boys) Solan and Green Hills Engineering College, Kumarhatti (H.P.). His aim is to acquaint student’s with knowledge of computer and to develop their skills. 
Ms. Pratibha ( PGT Economics)
Name Ms. Pratibha
Designation PGT Economics
Qualification M.A. and B.Ed. 
 Experience 12 Years
Ms. Pratibha makes sure to soothe the student’s queries with a patient and calm attitude.She has the spirit of doing everything perfectly without any shortcomings or faults and hence proves to be an asset for the school. 
Mr.Somin Roy ( PGT Political Science)
Name Mr.Somin Roy
Designation PGT Political Science
Qualification M.A 
 Experience 6 Years
He is a young and energetic teaching faculty. Who believes in hard working and dedication.His passion extends to photography. 
Mr.Sachin Kashyap( PGT Geography)
Name Mr.Sachin Kashyap
Designation PGT Geography
Qualification M.A and B.Ed. 
 Experience 2 Years
He is a Post Graduate in Geography. and he is an Optimistic person who imbibes and spreads positivity. 
Ms. Sonia Kanwar (PGT Physics)
Name Ms. Sonia Kanwar
Designation PGT Maths and Science
Qualification M.Sc. and B.Ed.  
 Experience 6 Years
She is enthusiastic and hard working who is ready to provide the best of knowledge to her students. 
Ms. Pooja Thakur (PGT Chemistry)
Name Mr. Pooja Thakur
Designation PGT Chemistry
Qualification M.Sc. and B.Ed 
 Experience 2 Years
Ms. Pooja Thakur two years of teaching experience, Ms. Pooja Thakur makes sure to soothe the students’ queries with a patient and calm attitude. 
Mr. Anshul Verma (TGT Mathematics)
Name Mr. Anshul Verma
Designation TGT Mathematics
Qualification B.Sc. and B.Ed.  
 Experience 11 Years
He ensures that all the students develop interest in the subject. He wants to encourage active learning and participation in the classroom, thereby helping students to become productive and successful citizens. He has a passion for Cricket and Reading. 
Mr. Siddharth Avasthi (TGT English)
Name Mr. Siddharth Avasthi
Designation TGT English
Qualification M.A. and B.Ed.  
 Additional Qualification 'C 'certificate in NCC
 Experience 10 Years
He has been teaching in this school since 2011. He is very hard working and energetic. He loves flora and fauna and enjoys his teaching upto the brim. He creates interest in students to study hard. His aim is to impart the best education with the latest techniques so that every child prospers in his or her respective field. 
Ms. Soma Thakur (TGT Hindi)
Name Ms. Soma Thakur
Designation TGT Hindi
Qualification M.A. and B.Ed.  
 Additional Qualification 'C 'certificate in NCC
 Experience 21 Years
She has vast teaching experience and has been a pillar of the school since long. Her hobbies are Singing, Gardening and taking parts in various sports activities. She has a ‘C’ Certificate in NCC. Her objective is to make students strong in their basic concepts in a pampered and well disciplined environment. 
Ms. Shanta Verma (TGT Hindi)
Name Ms. Shanta Verma
Designation TGT Hindi
Qualification Double M.A. and B.Ed.  
 Additional Qualification NTT
 Experience 17 Years
She has been working in this institution since 2004. She is self motivated and has a positive attitude. She imparts good education and makes students prosper in every field. She loves teaching and reading books. Her aim is to become an excellent teacher. 
Mr. Pradeep Garg (TGT Hindi)
Name Mr. Pradeep Garg
Designation TGT Hindi
Qualification M.A. and B.Ed.  
 Experience 4 Years
Mr.Pradeep is the Hindi and Sanskrit teacher who, through his youthful energy and enthusiasm takes immense pleasure in transmitting all the knowledge he has acquired in his field.  
Ms. Santoshi (Hostel Warden(Girls)/PET )

 Name Ms. Santoshi
 Designation PET
 Qualification M.P.Ed.
 Additional Qualification N.E.T 
 Experience  4 Years
 She is a perfect role model for the fitness conscious people. She is a lady PET teacher in our school. She makes sure that students are disciplined. She is kind and stern with the students according to the situation.
Ms. Meenakshi Sharma (PRT)
 Name Ms. Meenakshi Sharma
 Designation PRT
 Qualification B.A and B.Ed.  
 Experience 4 Years
She is always ready to give her best in whatever responsibilities are belied on her. 
Ms. Nirmal Mehta (PRT)
 Name Nirmal Mehta
 Designation PRT
 Qualification M.A. and B.Ed.  
 Additional Qualification Sangeet Visharad 
 Experience 11 Years
She enjoy and have fun with kids while teaching them.She listening to their problems and trying to solve them.  
Ms. Rohini (Art Teacher)
 Name Ms. Rohini
 Designation Art and Craft Teacher
 Qualification Diploma and B.A.
 Experience  3 Years
She is a 2 years diploma in art and craft. Ms. Rohini loves to indulge in Art and Craft activities and she strongly believes that perseverance is the key to success.
Ms. Rameshwari Sharma (Librarian)
 Name Ms. Rameshwari Sharma
 Designation Librarian
 Qualification B.A . and D. Lib. 
 Experience  14 Years
She has been working in Chinmaya Vidyalaya since 2011. She strives to impart as also gain knowledge and facilitates learning by motivating and encouraging students. She takes a keen interest in reading. 
Mr.Deshraj (Chief Accountant)
 Name Mr.Deshraj
 Designation Chief Accountant
 Experience  12 Years
He is the head of the accounts department who handles finance matters related to the school and is ever ready to solve all the issues of fee, pocket money or any other similar financial matter. 
Mr.Haresh (Office Assistant)
 Name Mr.Haresh 
 Designation Office Assistant
 Experience  2 Years
He takes care of the requirements of the students and he is on his feet almost every time to serve this purpose and provide each and every student with their necessary requirements. 
Ms. Ritu Dhiman (Desk Executive)
 Name Ms. Ritu Dhiman
 Designation Desk Executive
 Experience  1 Year
She is the front office executive of the school who is more than ready to assist in all the official matters. She is the front face of the Chinmaya for all those who come to the school and is an epitome of sophistication and elegance.
Ms. Tanuja (Nurse)
 Name Ms. Tanuja
 Designation Nurse
 Experience  2 Years
Ms. Tanuja is very caring with immense knowledge in the field of medicine. We are pleased to have an affectionate and sweet lady like her to take care of the students in case of health related issues.

Press Releases

India's best boarding schools in news

Chinmaya Vidyalaya is proud to host some of the most prestigious Cultural and Co-curricular activities of the state of Himachal Pradesh. The school has a rich tradition of being a host to eminent dignitaries at all its functions.



School Routine Calendar for Top Residential Schools in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh North India

The school goes through its usual routine of the seasons of many sports, games and co-curricular activities which keep both students and staff ever busy and active. As a result they lead a healthy life at Chinmaya Vidyalaya. Talents in various fields are tapped, recognized and appreciated.



Chinmaya Vidyalaya Nauni - CBSE boarding schools activities and events

There is never a dull moment at Chinmaya. Several inter and intra school activities go on all the year round which breaks the monotony of studies. The events are planned in a way so as to include all the children of the school and give them maximum exposure.



Achievements at Best Residential Boarding Schools in North India

Chinmaya Vidyalaya has right from the beginning produced well groomed young ladies and gentlemen. These have now assumed their roles as engineers, doctors and architects. Many of them turn-up for the Annual Alumni Meet with fond memories of their school and mentors.



Post a Review about Chinmaya Vidyalaya Nauni - Top boarding school for girls in India

The school is extremely proud to state that the children who pass out from here are fully equipped to face the challenges of life. They visit the school; send emails and letters thanking their Alma-mater for making them what they are today.

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"Quality Boarding Schools in the lap of Nature"

If you were to scour the country for India’s best boarding schools, Chinmaya Vidyalaya would rank high up among them. It is indeed one of the finest residential schools in India for both boys as well as girls. Situated in Nauni (Solan) in Himachal Pradesh, it offers a great environment for learning.

Chinmaya Vidyalaya is affiliated with the CBSE Board as is well renowned for the superior facilities and academics that it provides. North India is known for its great boarding schools, and this one simply is another feather in the hat for being one of the best boarding schools in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh.

The aim here are Chinmaya Vidyalaya is to promote a cult of creative goodness amongst children. The school offers co-education, English Medium, CBSE affiliation and Senior secondary boarding schools in India services.

Both boys and girls are invited to make the most of the environment that is so conducive for learning. The misty hills of Nauni, Himachal Pradesh, ensure that children are healthy and comfortable at all times.

Hostel facilities at Chinmaya Vidyalay for both boys and girls are known to be best for both boys as well as girls. Primary, Middle, Secondary and Senior Secondary levels are adhered to.

If you are indeed considering a boarding school for the overall welfare and development of your child, you should indeed consider the amazing opportunity that Chinmaya Vidyalaya in Nauni Himachal Pradesh has to offer.

Our focus here is to create individuals who are keen on winning and achieving success in life on all fronts. It is up to you, only you can decide your kid’s future. So, be sure to spend some time in deciding, which school is the best for your kid’s education and you have to consider Chinmaya Vidyalay, as it is one of the most credible school sin north India for both boys as well as girls.

A good education at a residential school in a great environment can gift your children with wings, which they can use to fly high and achieve what life has in store for them. So, let them fly, by giving them the right foundation, on which, they can stand and prepare to face every challenge that comes their way going forward.


Registration open for session 2019- 20. For enquiries call- 981600665 and 9816003773 To register online click here

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