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Co-education Boarding School for Girls & Boys

Co - education Boarding Schools

Co-education has many advantages associated to it that help prepare children to enter the real world. As compared to single gender education, co-education is more inclined towards developing a child's understanding for life. Co-educational boarding schools for girls and boys follow a curriculum that educates them together, allowing them to develop better understanding towards each other’s abilities.

At co-educational schools, all students grow up together and are equally treated to face the challenges of life. These boys & girls boarding schools in India let both the genders share activities like dramatics, art and other social engagements. It helps widening the child's talents and has a broad-minded outlook towards life.

Co-educational institutions help the girls and boys to enter the world out there where they need to tackle all kinds of situations involving all kinds of people. These schools provide them with a healthy environment where the students are highly motivated to succeed in post secondary education. Co-education also boosts up the spirit of education between boys and girls, which further helps them fit in a mixed society.

A Canadian Survey showed that the boys in co-educational schools are found equally engaged as the single gender schools and they relate equally to the concepts and instances used by the teachers. Even the girls pursuing co-education are found engaged in academics and in class discussions too. This survey overturns the traditional viewpoint, which says that the students are distracted by opposite sex peers resulting in poor concentration to the studies.

Chinmaya Vidyalaya, located near Shimla is among reputed boarding schools with state of the art hostel facilities. The education structure at Chinmaya Vidyalaya aims to prepare the children for a better life.

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Educational institutions in India

Chinmaya Vidyalaya (boarding school) is among the premier educational institutions of India. This educational institute is situated in the hills of Himachal Pradesh, India at Solan inside the pristine and sylvan surroundings of Dr. Y.S. Parmar University of Horticulture & Forestry, Nauni.

These days Educational institutions are more geared towards academics whereas at our boarding school we strive for the overall development of the child. The difference in the Chinmaya Vidyalaya Educational Institution is the Chinmaya Vision Programme, a comprehensive educational programme for residential educational institutions which integrates the best in our culture and philosophy of education.

The Chinmaya Education Movement is one of the most important contributions of Chinmaya Mission to society. It encompasses 77 schools , 8 colleges, a Harihar school and an International Residential school.

Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda was a visionary. He knew that children are the cream of our generation and are the rulers and makers of tomorrow. Upon them depends the future of our nation. He said, “I am sure that the Chinmaya Educational Movement will serve as a spiritual workshop to mould and march –out the new generation of men and women, who will grow to have great moral stature and ethical beauty.”

In about 40 years, over a million students have graduated form the Chinmaya Educational Institutions. Presently, more than 50,000 students are studying in them.

They are guided by a dedicated team of over 3,500 faculty and are ably supported by about 1000 administrative staff. Every year, more than 10,000 children join the institutions and about the same number pass out as young men and women of high character and integrity. This vast network of the Chinmaya Education Movement thus, significantly nourishes the global Chinmaya Family and the society at large.

The Chinmaya Vidyalayas are truly “Schools with a difference.”

This boarding school situated near Shimla has world class hostel facilities.

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Residential School India

Schools strive to deliver to their students a value-based education and holistic personality development in a serene and pollution free surrounding. Students are provided ample opportunity to achieve their potential and reach the pinnacle of success. Sports and games are an integral part of Schools and every student is encouraged to indulge in sports activities like swimming, cricket, basketball, etc. under the guidance of qualified sports instructors. Skills like inter-personal relationship, camaraderie, self confidence and sense of independence are developed by a team of illustrious and dedicated staff and faculty in the school. Residential Schools in India have given many distinguished achievers and eminent professionals.

The education program in Residential Schools in India consists of individualized learning modules, supported by research based activities. They have spacious and well ventilated dormitories and matrons/wardens supervise the welfare and needs of the students. Health and hygiene of the boarders is closely monitored in Schools. Academic growth is merged with co-curricular activities like dramatics, folk dances, recitation, debates, etc. and these are displayed in Annual School Functions. Schools in India endeavor to impart in their students familiarity with their rich and unique cultural and spiritual heritage through various activities and groom them to become accomplished global citizens.

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CBSE Affiliated Schools

Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Nauni, is an English Medium, CBSE Affiliated, Co-educational, Senior Secondary Boarding School situated near Shimla.

The boarding school has excellent hostel facilities, infrastructure, updated equipment, world class hostel facilities, extensive sports facilities, highly skilled & qualified academicians and also a highly qualified, young, dynamic and go-getter Principal.

This boarding school provides quality education from Grade Nursery to XII and follows the CBSE syllabus. Science (Medical and Non-Medical), Commerce and Arts streams are on offer to class XI and XII students.

Chinmaya Vidyalaya Boarding School

Facilities and Programs to shape the life of students :

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Science Laboratories

The school has well equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Geography Laboratories with latest equipment and materials. The students are given practical experience to understand the basics of science. The interior of the laboratories is done with captions of scientists and their biographies. This is with a motive to inspire them to develop a scientific bent of mind.

Dining Hall

Spacious and fly proof dining hall. Faculty members dine with students and supervise their eating habits and table etiquette. What a boarder misses most when away from home is good food. This is also the parent’s prime concern. We pride ourselves on the quality of food we serve. Nutritional value of food is the basis for catering to the children's taste. Fruits and milk from a rich supplement to the daily diet. The students pray to God for giving them food etc. before taking their meal.

The interior of the dining halls and dormitories are beautified by the students. Special care is taken for having hygienic conditions in the hall. The students are given instructions to eat everything in proper proportion.

Solar Water Heating system

We all are very much aware with the term ‘global warming’ and its effects and how it is affecting the nature and our day-to-day lives. The school has taken the initiative to minimize its effects as it is our social responsibility to preserve our country and our planet earth from the adverse effects of global warming. The school is using Solar energy to heat water to minimize its effect and to fulfill the needs of the students staying in the hostel. The school has spent about Rupees one million on this project.

R.O. System

Pure drinking water is a need of students to keep them in perfect health. To provide pure drinking water to the students, the school has installed ‘Reverse Osmosis’ System in the hostel.

Homely Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home and is a place not only to cook food but also to eat and socialize. The hostel kitchen is a homely kitchen with all modern gadgets. We try to give the kitchen and dining hall a feeling of home which is a challenge that requires much effort and consideration to ensure that students don’t feel home sick. The students are served with hot, fresh, healthy & nutritious food. Moreover, the students are given motherly love and affection.

All workers in the kitchen wear neat and clean uniform and caps. The entry of the students and staff is not permitted so as to keep hygienic conditions in the kitchen. Special care is taken in cleaning and drying utensils. After cooking the food, the floor of the kitchen is cleaned with a disinfectant.

Sports And Games

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

Apart from academics the school also lays emphasis on overall development of the students. Sports and other co-curricular activities are also given importance. Our school plays a vital role to encourage students to play a variety of sports. The school has ample space and good infrastructure as far as sports activities are concerned both indoor and outdoor. Various sports activities are undertaken in the school and qualified Physical Education Instructors supervise the children. Students are encouraged to take part in inter-house and inter-school competitions. Sports activities undertaken at present are Horse Riding, cricket, Volleyball, Hockey, Lawn Tennis, Badminton, Table Tennis, Yoga, Basketball, Football and Athletics. All games/sports are played under the supervision of trained Instructors. The School has been holding state level and inter -state tournaments in various sports.

Horse Riding

The school provides a range of extra-curricular activities to meet the varying needs of students. Horse-riding is one of those extra-curricular activities. The school gives an opportunity to the students to learn horse riding under the able guidance and supervision of a trainer. It is a very exciting and thrilling activity for the students. Horse riding provides a means of exercise which is not only physical but also mental. It helps the child to maintain balance and strengthen muscles which as a result makes the child strong and confident. It energizes the body and enhances the risk-taking ability of the child.


The basic living unit of students is the dormitory, managed by a resident house master, who is also a faculty member. He/she is always available to students for personal counseling and guidance. Being a co-educational school, separate Hostels exist for boys and girls. A full time Matron/Warden is also available in each hostel to look after the welfare and needs of the students, who are nurtured and groomed through love, affection and persuasion instead of harsh methods.

  • Spacious well-ventilated dormitories with a lot of natural light.
  • Common bathrooms for each dormitory fitted with all ultra-modern facilities.
  • Abundant hot and cold water for bathing.
  • Comfortable beds with Coir foam mattresses and pillows with adequate bed linen.
  • Wardrobes for each student.
  • Spacious common rooms equipped with televisions, music systems, reading materials and number of indoor games.
  • The entire student body is divided into four houses to encourage house spirit and healthy competition. Each house is guided by a house master.

School Library

“Books are a man’s best friend”

Library is one of the most vital requirements of any modern educational set up. The School has a well stocked Library with more than 8000 books and every year the School goes on adding more books. The School Library is designed to meet the future needs of the changing pattern of education and contains latest books on all subjects. A variety of newspapers and magazines are subscribed.

Music Room

A student’s inborn talent is developed by qualified music teachers. The students are taught Indian Music and classical Dance. The students are also taught how to play different instruments. The school orchestra plays on different occasions in the school.

Spiritual Laboratory

The school has built a beautiful “Yajyashala”, acting as a spiritual laboratory. There is a great need of keeping the mind of the students happy and peaceful. Yajya (hawan) is performed by the students thrice a week with the chanting of vedic mantras in the morning hours. It purifies the environment and helps in the formation of clouds. It makes the students happy, decent and spiritually strong.


The School has in its’ precincts a Maa Bhagwati Temple. The students go to the temple & pray for their better future, also it gives them peace and inner strength.

Books And Uniform Shop

For the convenience of students there is a books and uniform shop within the school compound. The students can purchase books, notebooks, stationary items, toiletries and uniform from the shop.


The school canteen serves snacks and juices to the students. The canteen does not serve carbonated drinks. Care is taken that eatables are cooked under hygienic conditions and placed under cover. The canteen is kept neat and clean.

Medical Care

Students get first-aid in the school in the event of sudden illness or accident. The Director of the school Dr. Sunil being a qualified physician himself, looks after the health care needs of the children. In addition basic and emergency health care facilities including an ambulance are available at the university medical centre.

School Planner

In order to have a systematic working of the School, the whole School community is involved in preparing the School Planner. The School Planner covers all aspects of School events and it is notified in the student’s diary. This helps everyone to plan their own programs well in advance.

Academic Planner

Academic planning plays an important role in the growth of the students. The subject faculty meet often to devise innovative methods of teaching and to select teaching aids to make the lesson easy and enjoyable. The syllabus is decided by the teachers, term wise and special assignments are prepared. Reference books are available for teachers and students in the School Library.

Teaching Faculty

The faculty of the Vidyalaya has its special character. Each faculty member is both a teacher and a scholar, an expert in his/her own field. The Vidyalaya has full time highly qualified teachers, who have extensive teaching experience in their respective fields. Each staff member also imbibes the Vidyalaya culture and ethos, which is the thread that binds the entire teaching fraternity of the Vidyalaya. A teacher not only imparts instructions through regular teaching periods, it also engages students in a variety of other activities, whether it is to conduct school morning assembly or other school activities (like school publication, sports, etc.) Teachers are provided with orientation programs from time to time for the development of analytical skills. All the faculty members work with great zeal.

Teacher-Student Ratio

For ideal teaching, the teacher student ratio should be kept low. It helps the students and teachers to have close interaction. So the school has kept the teacher-student ratio at 1:10.

Special Classes For Weak Students

We give extra coaching to weak students after school hours, based on their needs. The special classes are arranged for them in various subjects. The subject teachers give personal attention to students to make up their deficiencies.

Special Classes For Bright Students

Special guidance classes are arranged for the bright students. They are given difficult assignments to solve. The teachers help them whenever they find any difficulty in solving the assignment. These classes are arranged to ensure that not only do they improve in their respective subjects but also general knowledge which helps them in tests and interviews. These classes are generally held after School hours.

Computer Education

In the present world, it is very difficult to live without computer knowledge. The School lays emphasis on computer education from classes I to X. In classes XI to XII, Information Technology is one of the optional subjects. The School computer lab is well equipped with latest computers. The students are encouraged to use the internet.

House System

House system is a service-cum-training organization. Its aims are:

  • To promote the welfare of students.
  • To improve student-teacher relationship.
  • To impart citizenship training.
  • To encourage self-discipline.
  • To arouse greater school spirit.
  • To impart training in the skill of management and leadership.

The school has been divided into four houses- Gandhi, Raman, Tagore, and Vivekanand. The houses perform the following duties in rotation:

  • Manage the morning assembly.
  • Write news and a thought for the day.
  • Explain the thought in a small speech in the assembly.
  • Check the late comers.
  • Help to maintain order during recess.
  • Look after the general cleanliness.
  • Check the student’s uniform.
  • Organise, conduct and arrange different activities as per activities schedule.


The school helps the child develop his/her capabilities and inborn talents to the fullest for which co-curricular activities/hobbies are organized in the school during the session. Some of them are:

  • Dramatics(English & Hindi)
  • Folk Dances
  • Calligraphy
  • Painting (free hand)
  • Rangoli
  • Indian Music
  • Indian Dances
  • Clay Modeling
  • Declamation
  • Singing
  • Poetry Recitation
  • Debates
  • Gardening
  • Paper folding
  • Block printing
  • Painting with leaf and lady fingers
  • Paper layering and pasting
  • Fabric painting
  • Tie and dye

Value Education

With a view to fit moral education in the School system of education, the School endeavors to enable students imbibe the sublime elements of our culture and civilization. Stress is laid on the universal aspect of Indian Culture and students are introduced to the rich spiritual heritage which transcends the narrow limits of cast, color, language and creed. Emphasis is laid on the theoretical one and all the academic and co-curricular activities go a long way to create an atmosphere in which the students imbibe, though unconsciously, the time honored values of life which we cherish the most.

Morning Assembly

A working day at the School commences with the morning assembly. Resonant with Vedic Mantras, the morning assembly atmosphere exercises a very ennobling influence on the minds of the students. The school choir lends its grace and solemnity by singing devotional and patriotic songs. Short talks are given on a variety of subjects such as personal hygiene, good manners, social service, great lives and important happenings in India and abroad. The assembly is conducted by the students by rotation. They are trained to organize the assembly. This is going to help them in later life. From time to time, the school arranges lectures by distinguished guests and specialists. They give useful information for future pursuits.

Cultural Infusion

It is said about India that it is a country of festivals and in India ‘Everyday is a celebration’. Every festival has its own importance. The festivals give us joy, happiness and enthusiasm. Festivals give the right concept and appreciation of our diverse culture. Celebrating different Indian festivals shows that our roots are still embedded in the Indian Heritage. We still follow our customs, rituals and culture. The School is committed to pass on the Indian culture to the young generation. Every year we organize various cultural programs in the school. The students are told about the importance of every festival. The teachers motivate the students to participate with full energy. There are many occasions when all the students come together to celebrate not only our differences but also what we have in common. All these activities encourage our students to come together in a spirit of harmony and celebration. The school celebrates its annual function every year. The students organize a cultural program on the occasion and prizes are given away by the Chief Guest. The school invites important dignitaries to be the chief guest of the function. Some of the dignitaries who have graced the occasion are:

  • Shri.Vishnu Kant Shastri
  • Shri. Subhash Meharia
  • Dr.Suraj Bhan
  • Shri.Subodh Kant Sahay
  • Justice Vishnu Sadashiv Kokje
  • Shri.Veerbhadra Singh
  • Lt.General Milan Naidu
Governor, Himachal Pradesh
Union Minister of State, Govt. of India
Governor, Himachal Pradesh
Union Minister of State, Govt. of India
Governor, Himachal Pradesh
Chief Minister, Himachal Pradesh
Vice Chief, Indian Army

National Service Scheme

“The life is short, the vanities of the world are transient, but they alone live who live for others, the rest are more dead than alive.”

-Swami Vivekananda

Students at every stage of education should be associated with some form of social service. The motto of N.S.S. is “Not Me, But You:” This expresses the essence of democratic living and upholds the need for selfless service. This program is to inculcate social welfare thoughts in the students. NSS provides the students an opportunity to understand the community they work for, understand themselves in relation to their community, identify the needs and problems in the community, develop among themselves social and civil responsibility, apply their education in finding practical solutions to individual and community problems, develop competence required for group living and sharing responsibility, gain skills in mobilizing community participation, acquire leadership quality and democratic attitude, develop capacity to meet emergencies and natural disaster and above all, to render service to the community while studying in an educational institution, to arouse conscience among students, to provide them with an opportunity to work with and among the people, to engage in creative and constructive social action, to enhance knowledge of ourselves and community through confrontation with reality. The school has adopted a village Nauni to meet the above mentioned objectives. Every year 50 students participate with full enthusiasm. They will work in the village for 10 days under the supervision and guidance of program Director Mr. Sushil Kumar. The students who participate in the scheme get an extra 2% marks in the examinations which helps them in getting admission to colleges.

Sahodaya School Complexes Competitions

The CBSE Schools of the state (Sahodya Schools complex) organize various events in the state. We have been picked to organize tournaments in cricket. All CBSE schools of the state send their teams to participate in this competition which we organize every year.

Teachers Day Celebration

India has been celebrating Teacher's Day on 5th of September every year since 1962. Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was one of the most distinguished diplomats, scholars and teachers of India, apart from being the first Vice President and the second President of the country. As a tribute to this great teacher, his birthday is observed as Teacher's Day across India. Teachers day celebrations are undertaken to commemorate the teachers for their efforts. By having celebrations on Teacher’s Day we convey the message that we care for our teachers. Celebrating Teacher’s Day is a recognition of the devotion with which teachers undertake the responsibility of educating a child. On this day students dress up like their teachers and attend classes acting like teachers. As the day passes students perform activities. This goes a long way towards creating an understanding between the teachers and the students. Apart from being the day when the students give recognition to the teachers hard work, this day also enables a healthy interaction between students and teachers. However simple the celebrations may be, students reflect the fact that they care for their teachers. The teachers organize a cultural program on this day which gives them the opportunity to show their talent. The teachers are also rewarded for their services to the school.


As it is said “Health is Wealth”. In order to keep the students healthy, Yoga is followed in the School. Yoga is the ancient technique to keep the body physically, mentally and spiritually balanced. The students are given demonstrations to learn various yogic asanas. They perform these exercises in the morning, because ‘well begun is half done’, so if students start out their day with yogic exercises they’ll have a less tiring day and will remain active throughout the day.


It is a mental discipline by which one attempts to get beyond the reflexive, "thinking" mind into a deeper state of relaxation or awareness. Meditation often involves turning attention to a single point of reference. It is a component of many religions, and has been practiced since antiquity. It is also practiced outside religious traditions. Different meditative disciplines encompass a wide range of spiritual or psychophysical practices that may emphasize different goals—from achievement of a higher state of consciousness, to greater focus, creativity or self-awareness, or simply a more relaxed and peaceful frame of mind. The students are trained to meditate and technique of doing so is taught. This will keep the students calm and stable. This will enhance their learning abilities and concentration which as a result will help the student secure good marks.

Childrens Day

It is celebrated on the14th of November every year on the birth anniversary of Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru, the first Prime minister of India after independence. It is celebrated on this very day because of his special love and affection for children. The day is marked with lot of activities. Childhood is all about innocence and playfulness. It is about joy and freedom. Celebrating Children’s Day is about giving children the right to enjoy and grow into healthy and educated citizens of the country, and we teach them to be responsible citizens. Various competitions are organized. The winners are suitably awarded. The School recognizes that every child is born with unique gifts, our mission is to develop each student by providing an inspiring environment.

Tree Plantation

The School has a lush green campus. It is our responsibility to keep the environment free from pollution and make this world a better place to live in. The School holds the responsibility to make the youth responsible citizens. We teach the students the benefits of tree-plantation and encourage them to plant trees for making the environment clean and green. We plant trees every year. The School community is involved in the process. Students plant trees in and around the school campus.

‘ ‘Save trees, save earth’

Counselling Of Students

Taking into consideration the emotions of the students, their counseling is done from time to time by the teachers, wardens and house-masters, to help them cope with stress. In student counseling we guide them about self awareness, goal setting, time management, problem solving, coping with emotional stress, positive thinking etc. Constant Counseling is done by the school in order to make them better students who can face challenges of life with courage and boldness.

Birthday Celebrations

Birthday is the start of life. It’s like a new beginning. We all celebrate birthday as a part of our arrival into this world. It’s an important day in our life. In India birthday is as important as other Indian festivals. It gives us an opportunity to thank the almighty for sending us into this beautiful world. The School celebrates the birthday (of both students and teachers) in a very traditional manner. The School organizes special ‘hawan’ on the birthday of the students and the teachers. The Chinmaya family prays for their bright and happy future and blesses them for their success. Special parties are organized to celebrate their birthday.

Respect For Parents And Elders

Now-a-days we find that the family structure is weakening day by day. The respect for parents and elders is decreasing. We want that the students should respect their parents and elders. They should seek their blessings and guidance. They are allowed to communicate with them on fixed days by phone or internet. We ensure that they must write a letter or send a card to them on their birthday and marriage anniversary. It helps close bonding with their parents and elders.

Educational Trips

The School organizes frequent visits to places of knowledge like museums, industries, educational institutions, historical places etc. We believe in providing an all around experience to the student for total development of his / her personality. The students are supposed to submit their experiences of the educational trip. The best report of the student is rewarded.


The School brings out a ‘Newsletter’ once in a year. It helps the students to do creative writing. It acts as a media to inform the parents of the various activities taking place during the session. It also helps them to know about the participation and performance achieved by his/her ward in various activities in the school.


The School is affiliated to The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

School Results

The students of the School have been appearing in the CBSE Board examinations since 1993-94 and the results have been excellent and improving every year. It is all due to the hard work put in by the students, teachers and parents.

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Chinmaya Vidyalaya is proud to host some of the most prestigious Cultural and Co-curricular activities of the state of Himachal Pradesh. The school has a rich tradition of being a host to eminent dignitaries at all its functions.



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The school goes through its usual routine of the seasons of many sports, games and co-curricular activities which keep both students and staff ever busy and active. As a result they lead a healthy life at Chinmaya Vidyalaya. Talents in various fields are tapped, recognized and appreciated.



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There is never a dull moment at Chinmaya. Several inter and intra school activities go on all the year round which breaks the monotony of studies. The events are planned in a way so as to include all the children of the school and give them maximum exposure.



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Chinmaya Vidyalaya has right from the beginning produced well groomed young ladies and gentlemen. These have now assumed their roles as engineers, doctors and architects. Many of them turn-up for the Annual Alumni Meet with fond memories of their school and mentors.



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The school is extremely proud to state that the children who pass out from here are fully equipped to face the challenges of life. They visit the school; send emails and letters thanking their Alma-mater for making them what they are today.

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"Quality Boarding Schools in the lap of Nature"

If you were to scour the country for India’s best boarding schools, Chinmaya Vidyalaya would rank high up among them. It is indeed one of the finest residential schools in India for both boys as well as girls. Situated in Nauni (Solan) in Himachal Pradesh, it offers a great environment for learning.

Chinmaya Vidyalaya is affiliated with the CBSE Board as is well renowned for the superior facilities and academics that it provides. North India is known for its great boarding schools, and this one simply is another feather in the hat for being one of the best boarding schools in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh.

The aim here are Chinmaya Vidyalaya is to promote a cult of creative goodness amongst children. The school offers co-education, English Medium, CBSE affiliation and Senior secondary boarding schools in India services.

Both boys and girls are invited to make the most of the environment that is so conducive for learning. The misty hills of Nauni, Himachal Pradesh, ensure that children are healthy and comfortable at all times.

Hostel facilities at Chinmaya Vidyalay for both boys and girls are known to be best for both boys as well as girls. Primary, Middle, Secondary and Senior Secondary levels are adhered to.

If you are indeed considering a boarding school for the overall welfare and development of your child, you should indeed consider the amazing opportunity that Chinmaya Vidyalaya in Nauni Himachal Pradesh has to offer.

Our focus here is to create individuals who are keen on winning and achieving success in life on all fronts. It is up to you, only you can decide your kid’s future. So, be sure to spend some time in deciding, which school is the best for your kid’s education and you have to consider Chinmaya Vidyalay, as it is one of the most credible school sin north India for both boys as well as girls.

A good education at a residential school in a great environment can gift your children with wings, which they can use to fly high and achieve what life has in store for them. So, let them fly, by giving them the right foundation, on which, they can stand and prepare to face every challenge that comes their way going forward.


Registration open for session 2018- 19. For enquiries call- 9816003773, 9540781059 and 9891497973 To register online click here

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