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The word Chinmaya means "knowledge"

Chinmaya Mission was an inspiring initiative taken by Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda to continue his legacy on to spreading the vedantic message of peace and happiness to the modern world. The mission was formed in 1951 by Swami Chinmayananda, who worked in this direction for over four decades as a great ascetic of contemporary India. Following his directions, the mission till now has been working perpetually to bring a change to the society.As its abiding contribution to the Indian society, the mission today has 77 Chinmaya Vidyalayas, an International School,a Harihar School and 8 Chinmaya Colleges that ensure education with a difference. All of these institutions operate as per the remarkably formed Chinmaya Vision Program, which includes a comprehensive academic structure for boarding schools.This program aims to instill the best of culture and philosophy in the students.

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Basic Details 
1 School name Chinmaya Vidyalaya
2 School  Code 04360
3 Address  Chinmaya Vidyalaya , Dr.Yashwant Singh Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry, Nauni
4 Affiliation Code 630042
5 Principal  Mr. Subhojit Ghosh
6 Principal Contact Number 9816006655
7 Principal 's Email ID This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
8 Principal Retirement Date 31/03/2018
9 School Contact Number 01792252275
10 School 's Email ID This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
11 School Website www.chinmayavidyalayanauni.com
12 School 's FAX Number 01792225768
13 Landmark Near School  Dr.Yashwant Singh Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry, Nauni
14 Year of Establishment 1992
15 Affiliation Validity 2014 to 2019
16 Affiliation Status Provisional 
17 Name of Society Chinmaya Education Society
18 Registration Date 22/07/1992
19 Society Registration Number 38/92
20 Registration Validity Permanent Registration 
21 NOC Issuing Authority CBSE
22 NOC Issuing  Date 13/12/2013

1 Total Number of Teacher(All Classes) 30
2 Number of PGTs 12
3 Number of TGTs 08
4 Number of PRTs 06
5  Number of PETs 01
6 Other Non- Teaching Staff 45
7 Number of Mandatory Training Qualified Teachers 05
8 Number of Training's Attended By Faculty Since Last Year 03
Subjects offered for class 10
  Subject Name Code
1 French 018
2 Mathematics 041
3 Hindi Course-B 085
4 Science 086
5 Social Science 087
6 English Comm 101
Subjects offered for class 12
  Subject Name Code
1 History 027
2 Political Science 028
3 Geography 029
4 Economics 030
5 Psychology 037
6 Sociology 039
7 Mathematics 041
8 Physics 042
9 Chemistry 043
10 Physical Education 048
11 Business Studies 054
12 Accountancy 055
13 Multi Media & Web Technology  067
14 Legal Studies 074
15 English Core 301
1 Total number of sites of school 1
2 Total number building blocks 3
3  Total number of school in square metres 44515
4  Total number of playground 4
5 Total area of playground in square metres 12140
6 Total number of rooms 28
7 Total number of small sized rooms 6
8 Total number of medium sized rooms 0
9 Total number of large sized rooms 16
10  Total number of male rest rooms 2
11  Total number of female rest rooms 2
12 Number of girls toilet 5
13 Number of boys toilet 6
14 Number of toilet for differently abled person 1
15 Number of washrooms for female staff 2
16 Number of washrooms for male staff 2
17 Total number of libraries 1
18 Number of laboratories 6
19 Total number of school canteen  1
20 Total number of staff  canteens 1
21 Number of water purifiers 3
22 Number of auditoriums 0
23 Number of lifts/elevators 0
24 Number of digital classrooms 10
25 Does the school has hostel facility yes
26 Does the school has guards employed for safety yes
27 Does the school has fire extinguishers yes
28 Does the school has has sprinklers no
29 Does the school has CCTV Cameras installed yes
30 Is the school examination center of CBSE no
31 Total numbers of computers in all computer labs 40
32 Does the school has web server yes
33 Does the school has a boundary wall yes
34 Is your school barriers free/has ramps no
35 Does the school has clinic facility? yes
36 Does the school has has a strong room? yes
37 Does the school has a gymnasium? no
38 Is your school wifi enabled? yes
39 Provision of web based learning programs? yes
40 Does the school has fire alarms? yes
41 does the school has sports facility? yes
42 Does the school has indoor games facility? yes
43 Does the school has swimming pool? no
44 Does the school has dance/music facility? yes
45 Total numbers of buses  owned 2
46 Total number of buses hired 0
47 Total number of vans/matadors 1
48 Total number of buses drivers 4
49 Number of female attendants for bus duty  0
50 Number of activity rooms 4
51 Name of transport  coordinator Mr.Devender
52 Transport coordinator contact 8894733003
1 Nearest Nationalised Bank  UCO Bank
2 Distance of bank from school in km 0.5
3 Distance of bus terminal from school in km 1
4 Nearest bus station Nauni
5 Distance of railway station from school in km 15
6 Nearest railway station Solan
7 Distance of airport from school in km 70
8 Nearest airport Chandigarh
9 Nearest hospital Solan
10 Distance of police station from school in km 15
11 Nearest police station  Solan

International Boarding Schools in India - Students FAQ

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Can international students study in Chinmaya boarding school in India?

Yes, they can.

Can foreign/NRI students come on Tourist Visa to compare admission opportunities in various courses/schools and attain Student Visa while in India?

No. If aninternational students wants to explore various options to study in India before finalizing one, he/she can choose to apply for a provisional Student Visa of 6 months duration from Indian Mission abroad and aftergetting the confirmed admission while in India, he/she can then apply for a Student Visa by providing all necessary documentary evidences of confirmed admission, financial standing etc.

Can international or NRI students get a Student Visa directly from Indian Missions abroad?

Yes, provided they have confirmed admission to a course in a reputed/recognized school in India.

Will the students be given Report Card by the boarding school they intend to attend?

The students will be provided result sheet jointly certified by CBSE and the collaborating international boarding school in India.

Will the teachers be aware of the new pedagogical dimensions being suggested by CBSE?

The Board intends to conduct extensive teacher empowerment programs for the schools which would adopt CBSE curriculum.

Are there any specific recommendations for the attendance of the students in their classes?

The students would be required to have a minimum of 75% attendance on the total number of working days of the school.

Can the application fee be waived for international students in Chinmaya residential school in India?

No, we do not waive the application fee for international students except in very rare circumstances.

Can I study part time?

No, international students cannot study part time.

Resident Indians NRI's | Foreigners

"Quality Boarding School in the lap of Nature"

Chinmaya vidyalaya is a Best Boarding school for boys and girls. chinmaya vidyalaya is located in Nauni (solan), Himachal Pradesh in India. This is a residential school affiliated to CBSE. This is one of the premier residential boarding schools located in north India. Northern India is famous for its Residential school.Chinmaya vidyalaya is focussed to promote the cult of creative goodness. Located in a hilly area of northern India. Chinmaya Vidyalaya is a co-educational, CBSE affiliated, English medium, senior secondary boarding school situated in the hills of Nauni, Solan, Himachal Pradesh. Solan is a picturesque hill statio of northern India. This premier Boarding school in northern India is one of the best and finest residential educational institutions of India providing world class hostel facilities & education at the primary, middle, secondary and senior secondary levels to both boys and girls.Chinmaya Vidyalaya is a co-educational CBSE affiliated English medium senior secondary Boarding school in solan.This premier educational institution in north India is one of the best and finest residential schools providing hostel facilities to both boys & girls.

Best Modern School Facilities

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School has collaborated with the prestigious institute NIIT which is offering advance technical courses from classes I to VIII enabling our students to know about latest software in computers.


Our school is proudly in association with the gojuriyo karate association of himachal pradesh. it is a well reputed organisation which has set up karate camps and training programs in our school to train our students and teachers.

National Cadet Corps (NCC)

National Cadet Corps is a National level organization where in students prepare for military and army drills and exercises. It is a excellent opportunity to nurture the army specific interests of students and also to work on their physical fitness attributes. Our school is in proud association with NCC.


National Service Scheme (NSS)

The National Service Scheme (NSS) is an integral part of our school. It is make sure that time and again something or the other related to social service is done by the NSS team of our school comprising of teachers as well as the students. Various activities are undertaken such as tree plantation, rally against child labor, anti-tobacco presentation, blood donation camp, etc.

Educomp Smart School

One of the best modern school facilities and teaching School technology that the school embraces is educomp smart class. It is really effective and students interest is developed and enchanced in academics through this teaching technique.

Scout and Guides

This initiative is a step forward towards the activities that the school undertakes to develop the personality of students in all aspects. There is an army person who leads the troop and guides the students through various scout related activities. This goes on for around a week once or twice a year.

3D lab and English Mentor

3D lab and English mentor are very useful techniques to involve the students in a subject. It is very beneficial to engross the student’s attention because of the appeal it makes to their visual and auditory senses.

I Matrix and Vedic Maths

It is believed that there is nothing in this world, and even outside, that an enlightened and empowered brain cannot achieve. I Matrix is a worldwide organization which aims at developing both sides of the brain, thus acting as a catalyst in the total development of the brain. Vedic Maths  enhances the analytical capabilities of the child and hence promoting the growth of the mental faculty.

Press Releases

India's best boarding schools in news

Chinmaya Vidyalaya is proud to host some of the most prestigious Cultural and Co-curricular activities of the state of Himachal Pradesh. The school has a rich tradition of being a host to eminent dignitaries at all its functions.



School Routine Calendar for Top Residential Schools in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh North India

The school goes through its usual routine of the seasons of many sports, games and co-curricular activities which keep both students and staff ever busy and active. As a result they lead a healthy life at Chinmaya Vidyalaya. Talents in various fields are tapped, recognized and appreciated.



Chinmaya Vidyalaya Nauni - CBSE boarding schools activities and events

There is never a dull moment at Chinmaya. Several inter and intra school activities go on all the year round which breaks the monotony of studies. The events are planned in a way so as to include all the children of the school and give them maximum exposure.



Achievements at Best Residential Boarding Schools in North India

Chinmaya Vidyalaya has right from the beginning produced well groomed young ladies and gentlemen. These have now assumed their roles as engineers, doctors and architects. Many of them turn-up for the Annual Alumni Meet with fond memories of their school and mentors.



Post a Review about Chinmaya Vidyalaya Nauni - Top boarding school for girls in India

The school is extremely proud to state that the children who pass out from here are fully equipped to face the challenges of life. They visit the school; send emails and letters thanking their Alma-mater for making them what they are today.

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"Quality Boarding Schools in the lap of Nature"

If you were to scour the country for India’s best boarding schools, Chinmaya Vidyalaya would rank high up among them. It is indeed one of the finest residential schools in India for both boys as well as girls. Situated in Nauni (Solan) in Himachal Pradesh, it offers a great environment for learning.

Chinmaya Vidyalaya is affiliated with the CBSE Board as is well renowned for the superior facilities and academics that it provides. North India is known for its great boarding schools, and this one simply is another feather in the hat for being one of the best boarding schools in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh.

The aim here are Chinmaya Vidyalaya is to promote a cult of creative goodness amongst children. The school offers co-education, English Medium, CBSE affiliation and Senior secondary boarding schools in India services.

Both boys and girls are invited to make the most of the environment that is so conducive for learning. The misty hills of Nauni, Himachal Pradesh, ensure that children are healthy and comfortable at all times.

Hostel facilities at Chinmaya Vidyalay for both boys and girls are known to be best for both boys as well as girls. Primary, Middle, Secondary and Senior Secondary levels are adhered to.

If you are indeed considering a boarding school for the overall welfare and development of your child, you should indeed consider the amazing opportunity that Chinmaya Vidyalaya in Nauni Himachal Pradesh has to offer.

Our focus here is to create individuals who are keen on winning and achieving success in life on all fronts. It is up to you, only you can decide your kid’s future. So, be sure to spend some time in deciding, which school is the best for your kid’s education and you have to consider Chinmaya Vidyalay, as it is one of the most credible school sin north India for both boys as well as girls.

A good education at a residential school in a great environment can gift your children with wings, which they can use to fly high and achieve what life has in store for them. So, let them fly, by giving them the right foundation, on which, they can stand and prepare to face every challenge that comes their way going forward.


The registration for the session 2018- 19 till 31 Dec. For enquiries call- 9816003773, 9540781059 and 9891497973 To register online click here

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