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The word Chinmaya means "knowledge"

Chinmaya Mission was an inspiring initiative taken by Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda to continue his legacy on to spreading the vedantic message of peace and happiness to the modern world. The mission was formed in 1951 by Swami Chinmayananda, who worked in this direction for over four decades as a great ascetic of contemporary India. Following his directions, the mission till now has been working perpetually to bring a change to the society.As its abiding contribution to the Indian society, the mission today has 77 Chinmaya Vidyalayas, an International School,a Harihar School and 8 Chinmaya Colleges that ensure education with a difference. All of these institutions operate as per the remarkably formed Chinmaya Vision Program, which includes a comprehensive academic structure for boarding schools.This program aims to instill the best of culture and philosophy in the students.

The idea behind this kind of education program is to let the children face true vision of life and to further prepare them to face every challenge with a positive and dynamic outlook. Every institution operating under Chinmaya Mission seeks to contribute to the society by inculcating best values in children. It includes enhancing every side of their personalities, be it physical, mental, intellectual or spiritual. Through this profound educational program, the mission promotes good health, proper growth and emotional balance among children. It even lets them discover and demonstrate their inherent intellectual capabilities and divinity, they have within them. For this, each of these institutions give every child, an exposure to all the aspects of our culture. Along with this, they are helped to develop a better outlook towards appreciation, sensitivity and commitment with regard to any universal issue. At Chinmaya Schools, children are developed into dedicated and committed citizens, who take pride in serving the nation.


Making its way forward with such an exceptional vision, the Chinmaya Institutions have educated over a million students in last 40 years. At present, more than 50,000 students are pursuing their studies in these institutions.     


"Children are not vessels to be filled, but lamps to be lit"

Chinmaya Vision Program

Education with a difference' perfectly defines the purpose of Chinmaya Vision Program, which drives the Chinmaya Education Institutions. This firmly holds Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda's vision towards education.


"yathaa drishti tatha srishti"

As the vision so the world appears to us.

A man's vision towards the world drives his living. If the vision is narrow and disrupted, the world seems full of discord whereas if the vision is broad and amiable, the world would seem affectionate too.

Chinmaya Vision Program (CVP) was initiated to revere Pujya Gurudev Swami Chimayananda's philosophy of education, which aims to bring out the best out of every growing child.

This program purely focuses the development of children. It even embraces the school management, teachers and parents to further take this vision to the society, country and the world.

The Chinmaya Vision Program can be identified under following heads:

Integrated Development

The Chinmaya Programs aim at discovering and developing  the physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual levels of every child's personality.

Physical Development

It aims to promote good health and proper growth among children so as to ensure maximum expression of their overall well-being. Under this, every aspect including physical fitness, nutrition, hygiene, personal grooming, health education, health assessment, prevention of diseases and their treatment is taken into consideration.

Mental Development

To help children maintain emotional balance and live in harmony with their own-selves and the world too. For this, all the significant aspects like emotional expansion, handling emotions, handling relationships, gender specific education, mental health assessment and counseling are covered.

Intellectual Development

This brings out the infinite intellectual potential that lies within everyone. To make this happen, Chinmaya Vision Program stimulates the child to explore his/her intellectual capabilities and develop them. Intellectual kindling, independent thinking, management skills, aesthetics, intellectual assessment and guidance are the significant aspects that are covered under this.

Spiritual Development

The potential divinity lies within every soul. To discover this inherent divinity, every child needs to work on the spiritual development. One can achieve it through quality education, philosophy, meditation techniques and yoga.

Indian Culture

Culture holds a lot to it beyond just art forms, festivals and rituals. It drives a person's way of living and thinking and thus, is relevant for every individual to perceive it aptly. To help children with this, the program is introduced to the various aspects of Indian culture and its awareness along with the appreciation of the vast literacy, artistic and scientific heritage of India. It also includes the explanations of customs, traditions and cultural motivation through hobbies and projects.


Patriotism is something that every child needs to get known to. This is what Chinmaya Vision Program does. It aims at providing education for citizenship and civic consciousness along with fostering the pride of being an Indian into every child. Under this education program, the vital national concerns such as unity in diversity are given prior importance.

Universal Outlook

Every individual has an outlook for the world out there and the events happening in it. At Chinmaya, children are made to develop appreciation, sensitivity and commitment towards the universal issues. This helps them view their own-selves as responsible citizens and live in harmony with the natural creations, for which they are educated about environmental issues and synthesis between science and religion.

Chinmaya Education Movement

Chinmaya Mission initiated Chinmaya Education Movement as a significant contribution to the society. Under its umbrella, the mission today has 77 Vidyalayas, 8 Colleges, A Harihar School and an International Residential School. All these institutions are founded under the Chinamaya Vision Program and are governed by the CCMT Education Cell.

Why should a sanyasi start an Education Movement?

Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda was a visionary soul, who initiated to create a better society by  forming a different education structure. He knew that the best way to do this, is to help the children take the right path to lead life. Today's children become the future of our nation and thus, are needed to be guided well. Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda said “I am sure that the Chinmaya Education Movement will serve as a spiritual workshop to mould and march -out the new generation of men and women, who will grow to have great moral stature and ethical beauty.” Moving on with this ideology, the Chinmaya Education Institutes have educated over  a million students in its 40 years of presence. These institutions at present have over 50,000 students with them. To deliver best values and education to the students, the institutes have a dedicated team of over 3,500 faculty along with about 1000 administrative staff. Every year, these institutes register admissions of over 10,000 children and about the same number of students get passed out every year as responsible citizens.With this, Chinmaya Education Movement gets itself recognized as the global Chinmaya Family and society at large.

The Chinmaya Vidyalayas are truly "schools with a difference."

‘Keep smiling’ is the primary motto that drives every Chinmaya Vidyalaya and its students. We aim to mold our children into better personalities and lead a balanced life under all circumstances. Be it joy or sorrow, success or failure, honor or dishonor, prosperity or adversity, they should be calm at mind and express themselves with a smile that never fades.

“Courage is graceful and dignified. I is the very essence of God in man, Surcharge yourself with His Grace. Be active and intellectually adventurous boys and girls by participating in all the programs of the Vidyalaya”.

Love! Love! Love!

H.H. Swami Chinmayananda

Behaviour Reforms Conduct serve as a significant aspect of any education system. These behavior reforms help turn the negative tendencies of a child into the positive ones. School children generally have negative tendencies like bunking school and classes, telling lies, fighting, bullying others, using foul language, damaging school property, scribbling on desk & walls and indulging in violent behavior in school bus. Chinmaya Schools take severe disciplinary actions and counsel students for their initial offenses like these and further the subsequent lapses call for disciplinary actions by the institution.

“Discipline is related to the Greek word ‘disciplina’ which means training.

“One who submits to Discipline is a Disciple.”

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