5 Time Management Apps for School Students

admin   November 16, 2018   Comments Off on 5 Time Management Apps for School Students

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Students today are constantly struggling to fit in their studies and other activities within the limited time they get. Thus it goes without saying that learning effective time management skills quite early in their lives has become a necessity for children in the modern times. In this context, technology has proven to be extremely helpful by providing a wide range of apps that can help the students to effective manage and schedule their time. In fact the Best boarding schools in India encourage their wards to use the apps to learn the art of managing their time most efficiently. Discussed below are top five time management apps that have gained much popularity among students. 


Even though the app is designed for students in middle or high school, kids in other grades can also use it. The app makes it possible for the students to attach a wide range of files and content with every reminder they set. These can include word documents, sound and video recordings, PDF files and even detailed notes. The apps even enable the students to create time blocks for specific activities, subjects and even topics. This helps them to keep track of the time they have spent in completing a specific task and move to the next task.


This app is designed to be used throughout the entire day and offers an extremely simple kid friendly platform. The app helps the children learn the skills of time management, through assignment of various tasks having different priority levels. Children can even create their own tasks by allotting specific time duration for their completion. Every successful completion of the task is rewarded with a star. In order to keep the children engaged and motivated, the app also keeps up popping fun graphics and cartoons. The app may be used by mentors of smaller kids in the boarding schools in India to teach them efficient time management.


The functionality of this app is quite similar to that of inClass, although the app seeks greater information from the children using it. The app comprises three main sections, namely Homework, Classes and Calendar. Every task that the children manage should be recorded in each section of the app. The information stored in the app can be synced easily with another mobile device or even a desktop computer. This makes it easier for the children to enter and access information whether they are on the move or even at home.

ChoiceWorks Calendar

This app is unique in the sense that it enables the children to focus on the bigger picture by allowing them to plan for an entire month. The app makes it possible for students to add events, record the events through the day and even combine them with an image or an audio clip. The kids can use their creativity to add texts, countdowns and email reminders to events for specific days or the entire month.

Tempo Smart Calendar

This is one of the most robust time management apps designed for students and is more like a personal assistant. The app combines features like calendars, contacts, emails and even social media accounts of the children to manage all their scheduling needs. The app is immensely popular among older kids in boarding schools in India as it helps them to efficiently manage their extremely busy and even hectic schedules.