Effective Tips for students to Improve Concentration While Studying

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Tips for students by best boarding school

It’s the thing with almost every second student – I can’t concentrate! As they sit down to study, their mind races from one thing to another and their thoughts get scattered all over the place except studies. So, what one can do in such a scenario?

Firstly, we all should know that each one of us has the ability to concentrate and we just need to apply the right strategies to unlock our natural capability of concentrating and apply them while studying. If a student does not allow the mind to go haywire, concentration can lead to productive study. For instance, when the rays of the sun are scattered, they do not burn paper, but as soon as these rays are converged at a point using lens, the paper burns at once. Similarly, if your thoughts converge at one point, see what impact it can have in your mind. Thus, Chinmaya Vidyalaya Nauni, one of the best residential schools in India, compiled some helpful tips and strategies that can improve your concentration while studying.

How to Concentrate While Studying

  1. Create an Environment for Studying
    Select a space in your home where you can keep it exclusively for studying and surround yourself only with your study aids. The right place for that will be a quiet place away from radios and TV. Stay away from the places where you can easily fall asleep or become groggy.
  1. Create a Schedule
    Create a timetable for when and what you are going to study and at what hour of the day. Avoid late night study sessions. Also, if you think you are tired, don’t study in that phase and take plenty of rest instead before beginning, with long study sessions. When you can no longer concentrate, end the session and retire.
  1. Take Ample Sleep
    Health specialists say that a human mind needs a minimum six hour sleep for relaxation and rejuvenation of the mind. It is easier for a fresh mind to concentrate.
  1. Exercise Regularly
    Brain functions properly if right nutrients are supplemented to mind. One get these nutrients by regular physical exercise. This enhances the circulation of blood to brain and it gets rid of waste products. Thus, it is necessary for enhancing concentration.
  1. Avoid Multi-tasking While Studying
    As you sit back and study, make sure you do not play with something in between or text friends or keep an eye on television and the other on book. Study one subject at a time.
  1. Study with a Free Mind
    Memorizing needs a stress-free mind and if you get rid of the irrelevant thoughts while studying, you can concentrate better. Stress makes it difficult to concentrate.
  1. Fix Priorities
    Fixing priorities is amongst the first things to do before studying. You should be well aware of the things you need to complete first followed by the next. If you do not set priorities, you will be working in a haphazard manner and it is most likely that you will start thinking of other things. These thoughts will not let you study with full concentration. That is why make a time table and try to incorporate it in your daily life.
  1. Take Breaks
    As you are studying and you got bored, take short breaks in between. Sip in a coffee or something or have something to munch and return to your study room. This will help in maintaining your concentration.
  1. Eat Healthy
    There is a popular adage that states –“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and supper like a pauper!” Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and so it should be laden with high protein and carbohydrates and low sugar content. Also, avoid taking tea or coffee in excess because it may give you strength for some time but will soon make you sluggish.
  1. Meditate
    Last but not the least – meditate! Meditation is that exercise which improves your power of concentration. In this you look at a round spot on the wall with full attention and concentrate on that point for some minutes daily and see a massive improvement in your concentration level.