Keeping Parental Control Over Your Kid in Residential School

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Do you know that most parents lose control over their kids when they put them in boarding school and often feels that school authorities will now take complete care of their children? But do you think it is right to put complete onus on the boarding school.

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Kids always demand attention from their parents be it a toddler or grown-up children. Children often feels ignorant when their parents leave them in the boarding schools in India. In today’s dynamic corporate environment when both parents struggle to give time to each other, in such a scenario meeting up with children who are studying in a residential school becomes even more difficult.

Despite all this one should maintain a balancing act. Parents need to understand that it’s equally imperative to devote time to their kids and keep a vigil so that they feel secured and guarded under their parent’s scrutiny.

At times, we make too many arduous attempts to control our children, however thus the child becomes extremely reactive, irrational and behave more impulsively. This often result in behavioural disorder in a child and can lead to many psychological and emotional imbalances within him.

Why do we do that

  • Peer Pressure – We repeatedly face pressure from society, be it our relatives, peer groups, friends or colleagues as they set precedence for how our kids should become. Each of them would have a different definition as how we should raise our kids. In a bid to satisfy one’s expectations, we tend to put too much pressure on our children.
  • Fear if they tread on a wrong path –  This is perhaps the most common worry that we as parents feel i.e. what will happen if we don’t control our kids. Will they listen to us or choose a wrong path? However, what is important is that we instil right values in our children and keep a check on them from time-to-time. Give them the much-needed space and silently observe their attitude.

What is required

  • Talk to your child rather than controlling them overtly- Communication is the most effective medicine that can heal any wound. Your child wants your attention and care; he likes to listen from you.
  • Let your child know of what the potential consequences will be if his actions go berserk.
  • Control your angst and behaviour-We parents usually forget that we need to fight the ever-expanding generation gap that is pervasive from ancient times. We need to fight with our inner-self to stay compose.