List of Best Boarding Schools in Shimla

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Shimla is home to one of the best boarding schools in India and parents are thrilled at the prospect of sending their children to these schools. Boarding schools are not only meant to provide education, but also aims to develop the personality of the children.

We make many choices in life; however, sending our kids to a boarding school, is a choice that needs more than just a casual concern. There are negative stigmas and potential benefits that we often hear about from people, while discussing boarding schools. The fact that your kids would have to adjust to an entirely new environment, obvious qualms about the faculty and the students and the school itself, makes parents uncertain about their decision.

There are several factors associated with the uneasiness that surfaces with the thought of sending kids to Top Boarding Schools in India. Often, the physical separation from the family and other friends makes it tough for children and parents. Financial costs are also a consideration. However, the major question is, are boardings really worth it? Couldn’t a private day school or a good public high school offer the same education and experience? Why should one send their children to boarding? There are many residential schools in Shimla you can choose from.

Below listed are a few reasons that you might consider while making a crucial decision to get your children admitted in a boarding or not!

1. Unlike private schools, boarding schools are traditionally an abode to very well qualified teachers, who see their work as a calling – not a job. Boarding schools generally do not invest in a fake reputation, but try to maintain certain standards resources – such as the library, theater facilities, or athletic complexes and provide better opportunities and career options to the children, which one might not get in local schools.

2. The level of interaction between students and teachers at boarding is quite healthy and students always benefit from the confidence teachers show in them. Small classes and heightened interactionpaves a way for better understanding of the subject.

3. It has been observed that almost all boarding schools try to create an environment that ensures students are immersed in an educational world where learning is central to all activities, a unique setting that does not focus just on curriculum but promotes common experience, friendship, trust and honesty among children and adults.

4. Boarding school well trains its students for upcoming university life. Graduates often end up attending the finest universities. In addition, they arrive at colleges better prepared for academic rigor, which they learnt during their boarding days.

5. In boarding schools, students are nurtured to become competent and successful individuals of tomorrow. They are encouraged to access their potential in activities they indulge at boarding school. Studies show that boarding school graduates not only excel at university, but advance rapidly in their professional careers.

6. Boarding schools let students access necessary independence they won’t have living at home. It’s an ideal preparation for the challenges and responsibilities of adult life.

Having discussed why you should send your children to boarding school in Shimla, let us discuss some of the best boarding schools options available in India. Shimla is home to some of the most reputed and coveted boarding schools in India.

Below discussed is the list of Top 5 Boarding School in Shimla.

1- Convent Of Jesus And Mary  (


Convent of Jesus and Mary is one of the best schools in Shimla. CBSE affiliated, it is a school exclusively for girls from Nursery to XII. Convent of Jesus and Mary been awarded every year from the eco club Shimla for its cleanliness and greenery. It is located in the part of the green belt of Shimla, so manages to be one of the most beautiful places in Shimla so far. Chelsea is the name of the campus on which the school is built, so it’s commonly known as CHELSEA in short.

2- Chinmaya Vidyalaya (

Chinmaya vidyalaya Boarding school

Chinmaya Vidyalaya is another leading co-educational school. Affiliated to CBSE, the school is one that prepares students for future and stands high in the inculcation of values and discipline in its students. Chinmaya, a force to reckon with, caters to all round development of children. Keeping that its only motto, the school homes highly qualified and experienced teaching faculty that strive to produce excellent results every year.

3- Bishop Cotton School (


With the motto “Overcome Evil with Good”, Bishop Cotton School has served as the epitome of great educational platform and one of the oldest boarding schools in Asia. Founded on 28 July 1859, by Bishop George Edward Lynch Cotton, the alumni of Bishop Cotton School are often called Old Cottonians. The school celebrated 150 years of existence in 2009.

The school has produced the highest decorated officers amongst all the armies of the world, heads of state, ambassadors, judges, defense and paramilitary officers, ministers and politicians.

Bishop Cotton School is consistently been ranked amongst the best residential schools of India by media such as The Times of India, Outlook and Education World magazine. The school was further ranked 4th in India’s Most Respected Boarding School for 2010.

4- Loreto Convent, Tara Hall, Shimla  (


Loreto Convent, Tara Hall is an English medium high school that belongs to the worldwide family of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary; founded by an English woman named Mary Ward, away back in the 16th century. Loreto Sisters and the Loreto Associates have always been involved and associated with various ministries in every continent, carrying forward Mary Ward’s vision who saw Integrity, Justice, Freedom and Love as essential qualities for any person.

She desired that women in particular, find their rightful place in the world and society in which they live, becoming people of reflection and discernment in making choices, and learning to “refer all things to God”. Developing sincere and right relationships was central to her way. Mary Ward also emphasized the need for deep joy, or ‘felicity’.

Loreto Convent, Tara Hall, Shimla is one of 15 Loreto schools in India. It is an English medium high school for girls, managed by the Simla Loreto Educational Society. The school is a day school, affiliated to the CBSE Board, Delhi and has classes from Nursery to Class XII. Until 2010, the school was affiliated to the ICSE Board.
5- DAV Public School (

dav logo

DAV Public School came into existence in year 1934. This institution has the pompous dispensation of counting among its alumni, a large number of personalities who have made a mark in different fields. With varying of time and drift in education, outlook of parents and desires of society, it was converted into Senior Secondary Public School as an English medium co-educational institution affiliated with CBSE, New Delhi. The DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi is the oldest and the biggest Educational Trust in the Country.