Looking for the Best Boarding Schools in Himachal Pradesh? Here are the Tips to Choose the Right One

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Boarding Schools in Himachal PradeshThinking of enrolling your child into a boarding school but worried about selecting one? As choosing a boarding school is a cumbersome process that involves several steps. Fortunately, we are in the Internet age which has made things easier. Now, information about the best boarding schools in India is just a click of the mouse away. So, we guide you through the process and offer you great piece of advice and keep you organized.

Step 1: List Your Child’s Needs

The first step in this direction is to identify the child’s needs in each aspect. Gauge your kids’ interests in academics, special therapeutic, sports and extra-curricular. On assessing his needs as per the personality, determine your kid’s strengths and weaknesses so that you can find the Best residential schools in India for your child. For instance, if the kid is repelling, sending him to a military school would make him more stubborn than earlier. Also, sending an ADHD child in a regular academic school will not go well either. Thus, select the school wisely.

Step 2: Identify Day Boarding Schools

In this preliminary step, give your imagination a run through by looking at each school that catches your fancy. Take time to explore each school’s web site and read what the students have to say about the school.Find out about the school’s curriculum and routine using the school brochure. Visit the photo gallery and video tour section of the school website to get a better idea of the activities conducted in that particular school.Bookmark your favourite school web addresses or paste them in a spreadsheet. Before concluding this step, make sure you have selected those schools that are very close to meeting your needs and expectations.

Step 3: Visit the Schools Individually

This is one of the most crucial and time consuming task in making a decision for the boarding school. After all, its’ about the future of your little child! The face to face session with the principal and teachers will give you enough time to assess whether the school really is a good fit for your child and his/her requirements. So, in all sense, you need to get this part right and the only way to do is to visit the school and ask a lot of questions. Find out more about the teachers – their qualifications and their teaching style from the students. Make sure that you carry a grade card before visiting each school so that you can give points in the end as per the location, costs, curriculum, reputation and discipline policy.

Step 4: Apply Online and Pay For It

As soon as you want to settle down with ‘THE ONE’, visit the schools website and apply online. Today, majority of the boarding schools have online applications that simplify the admission process. They have secure online payment methods using which you can make payments and/or send pocket money to your child sitting in the comfort of your home/office.