Most Common Boarding School Admission Questions for Students

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Boarding School Admission Questions for StudentsIf you are planning to send your child to a boarding school, then get ready to groom him /her before taking the final step. Your child will be interviewed on many grounds to see if he/she can be a good fit for their institution. Hence, it’s time that you prepare them for their future. Below mentioned are some of the boarding school admission questions that might help your child dealing an interviewer.

  1. Your family background.

This is perhaps the most basic question that is being asked during the interview, still kids often can’t deal with it in a right manner and give myriad answers. Parents must tell their kids to adopt a simple approach by giving a short and crisp answer to such question and try to engage the interviewer by talking about the members of your family and special characteristic if any one of the member has in family.

  1. Why do you want to join this institution?

The management would like to know from the child whether he / she has the instinct to join the school or has been forced by the parent to join just any residential schools in India. This will also help the staff understand whether the child has correct knowledge about the morals for which the school stand for or is unprepared. Parents should guide children to know about the school from the school’s website and brochure, tell them how the school will benefit them in their learning and personality grooming.

  1. What are your hobbies and activities you indulge in your free time?

This is another a very common question that is often asked from a student. These days’ majority of kids spend their free time playing video games or surfing net. They don’t realise that outdoor games and indulging in some fun activity like painting, dance, music, theatre, and sports enhances one’s personality and give another dimension to their personality traits. Parents should encourage children to participate in at least one or other such activity so that the kids can proudly join and become an active member of the club when he becomes a part of the institution.

  1. How will you contribute to our school’s pride?

This might sound like a question that you may have dealt with while dealing with your professional interview. However, the kids also need to be guided to face this question as what are some of his best abilities that can bring pride to the school if he joins it.  Let him make a note of his own capabilities, strengths that he can boast of while dealing with an interviewer.