Role of Technology in Boarding School Education

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Technology in Boarding School EducationTechnology, today has become an indispensable part of our daily life. This has embedded in our daily lives so much so that individuals across age groups i.e. elders, young professionals, school children or be it today’s generation of toddlers, all are hooked and engaged via different technological platforms to fulfil their aspirations. It’s being used to buy and sell stuff online, networking and for educational purposes, etc.

Increasingly, the use of technology can be seen for educational purposes these days, especially in Best boarding schools in India. Not only higher educational institutes in metros are using mobile technology to get their students better acquainted with their subjects but schools in rural India are getting accustomed to its use and even playschools have started using this medium to develop cognitive thinking in young learners. Though we all know as how best technology enhances the knowledge quotient, but still there are many individuals and groups who refrain from using technology due to their age old traditional beliefs.   Now let’s quickly look at the list of things that makes it so appealing for all age groups.

1) One visual medium – It is that one visual medium that has the potential to virtually attract your attention towards the wider world. There are so many things we are not aware off as what’s happening around the world. Technology enables us to access that information and help expand our horizons.

2) A technology enabled classroom is better equipped to hook the students for any lecture. This even enhances their grasping power and allow them to logically learn the concept rather than promoting rote-learning.

3) Enhances collaborative environment – This engages the student and gives them the chance to interact with their classmates in cohesion.

4) It creates advanced or tech-savvy future citizens – Children who are exposed to technology enabled devices and learning tools become more independent and even learn the fundamentals of using technology. They become hands-on to use technology at a later stage.

5) With technology, students tend to learn something new each day. Sometimes their lessons become so monotonous that they want to learn something beyond their concepts.

6) Students tend to take more onus of their responsibilities and can single handily complete their task work. Internet provides them with vast information on diverse topics and serve as a think tank for all age groups.

Mobile technology also enhance access to teachers, parents, ensure transparency and communicate clearly about student’s performance to his parents. There can be no element of discrepancy and the data is recorded for lifetime.