The Ultimate Packing Checklist for Boarding School Students

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boarding school checklist

Packing for the annual session can be both cumbersome as well as stressful as you try to remember the things that your child might need to kickstart his journey in one of the top boarding schools in India. A boarding school student can expect to receive the basic dorm furnishing including a chair and a desk, twin-size bed with mattress, and a closet unit. So what else your child might need to bring? Below we have shared a checklist that will help you keep on track.


Since your child will be provided with the bed and the mattress, make sure you have packed 2 bed sheet sets so that one can be used while other is in the laundry. Supplement the sheets with a blanket or a comforter to keep the child warm.


This may seem a no-brainer, but making a checklist is a safe way to ensure that everything gets packed particularly if the child is unable to travel back and forth often. But before that, enquire the school administration regarding the dress code requirements. If the school is located at a high altitude, make sure the blazers, winter boots, warm caps, gloves, waterproof jacket and umbrella accompany his baggage. Apart from these, do not forget to add a few formal and casual clothes, athletic gear, and sunglasses.


Since your child would be sharing a common space with his/her peers, hygiene supplies are quintessential. Do not forget to add towels, a shower tote, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, cotton swabs, toothpaste and brush, dental floss and mouthwash, sunscreen and lotion.

School Supplies

Duly ensure that your child has all the basic school supplies like pens, pencils, highlighter, stapler, notebooks, post-its etc. For organizing his day to day activities well, do not forget to keep a planner, calendar, alarm clock. Other things could entail an energy-efficient table lamp, flashlight and seat cushion.

Laundry Stuff

In most cases, the students forget that they have to wash their own clothes. Some boarding schools in India do offer laundry services, but some kids prefer taking up this task on their shoulders. So ensure that you pack detergent, brush, stain remover, laundry bag, cloth hangers, drying rack, and iron.

Snacks & Airtight Containers

Though the meals are provided by the boarding school, it is good if the child has some quick snack at hand. You can keep sealable containers, mugs, reusable utensils, juices, granola bars and single serve snacks.

First Aid Items

The school will have a dedicated medical room, but having your own first aid kit can be helpful to cover up minor scrapes and cuts.