Tips to Mentally Prepare Your Kids for Boarding School

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The decision of sending your child to the boarding school is an extremely harsh decision for the parent as it is for the child to prepare himself/ herself to join a boarding school. A child goes through a lot many psychological and emotional changes while dealing with the thought of being sent to a boarding school. At this stage it’s pertinent for the parents to realise that the child needs direction to be able to cope with this thought and can happily join the institution. Below mentioned are few tips for the parents to make their child prepare mentally before he joins the school.

Open discussion- Parents must adopt a candid approach while dealing with their kids. They should act as friends and not parents and address their concerns first. Listen to what their inhibitions are and address them one by one. Once you have answered their queries, now it’s time you explain them the rationale behind sending them to one of the best boarding schools in India.

Help them understand that he/she is not getting detached from their Parents-Majority of the kids have apprehension that their parents will be leaving them amongst the set of strangers and there will be no one to look after them. Here the role of parents is to make them understand that they will be safely guarded round-the-clock with the trained staff, friends, teachers and mentors and hence they need not worry about this. Even the smallest of their requirement will be taken care off and parents will give them visits in every 7-10 days or during weekends.

Dealing homesickness

Another important tip that a parent should tell his child is how to deal with homesickness. It’s very obvious for the child to deal with homesickness, at least during the initial months of joining the boarding school. Parents should present them with memorabilia that he can take along. It will bring some respite to him whenever he/ she misses the family.

Tender Your Child

While dealing with his emotions, its important that you tell them that he is the apple of your eye and you are doing all this for his bright future. Maybe today they will have to distance himself or herself from parents but later on they will take pride in their decision. Tell them that we are just a call away or whenever they would need them.