Top Tips to Help Students Adjusting in a New Residential School in India

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Residential School in India

Is your child moving to a residential school? Does he/she have any idea as to how the life would be like in a boarding school? Well, if you go through the following tips for students, their transition would be a lot easier.

  1. Are they building relationships with teachers?

A teacher in a boarding school plays multifaceted role such as that of a mentor, coach, advisor and counselor. It will be healthy for your child to interact with them outside the classroom so that they can get support from these trusted advisors at all times in your absence.

  1. Make sure your child is eating well

Since you will not be there with your child to oversee the things consumed by him/her, make them responsible for maintaining a diet full of fruits, veggies, proteins and minerals.

  1. Is your child involved in extra-curricular activities?

All the top residential schools in India pays attention to not just the curriculum, but even to other activities like dancing, singing, acting, sport activities etc. This ensures the overall development of the child. Make sure that your child is involved in any of these activities of interest.

  1. Seek help when needed

At times, the student becomes shy in asking questions from the teacher (who are their nearest advisor in that premises). Majority of the boarding school institutions offer academic support and on-site tutoring in the designated hours. It is advisable that your child makes use of this time and voice their queries or concerns, if any.

  1. Does your child knows the basic laundry

It is very important that your child should have the knowledge of operating a washing machine and also doing the laundry all by themselves without a machine. If the child doesn’t know the operation, they might have a harrowing time with the dirty laundry. So, make sure that he/she learns this skill in the first place.

Therefore,sending your child to best boarding school in India can be exciting only if the child tries to enjoy the ambience. And for him/her to enjoy, make sure you have made arrangements in advance such as a collage of your personal photos so that he/she can look up to that while feeling homesick. As a parent, you should appreciate the fact that your child is getting a unique learning opportunity.