What Boarding Schools Can Do for Your Child’s Confidence

admin   September 25, 2017   Comments Off on What Boarding Schools Can Do for Your Child’s Confidence

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Many parents are still fraught with the common stereotypes of boarding schools and have made preconceived notion in their minds. But, today, the modern good boarding schools in India have proved that these were the things of the past. As we take a look back in the last decade, we will see that day boarding system has become lucrative to both parents and students. Undeniably, sending your child to a boarding school can be a tough call because there are still some years left for them to carve their own path independently. But, trust me, the perks of sending your child to the best boarding schools in India  are more than you may have anticipated.


  1. They become self-reliant early in life

Children tend to act older than their age and want to do everything by self. This is where boarding school comes in and allows them to develop an attitude of self-reliance and freedom. When they leave school, you may feel that they are more mature than the children in the same age group.

  1. Attention to High-Quality Teaching

One of the primary reasons why parents choose to send their child to school  is to give them the best education. The educators are carefully selected and so the boarding school recruits the country’s finest talent. Also, the teacher-pupil ratio is less in comparison to any state school. As a consequence, with fewer children, the teacher is able to dedicate quality time.

  1. All round development is taken care of, not just education

Honing hobby skills and pursuing your passion through extra-curricular activities is an integral part of character building. And day boarding system lays special stress on such activities. They have the resources to fulfill your child’s desire and let them pursue their interests without compromising on their studies.

  1. Enhancing social skills

A human is a social animal and doesn’t exist in a vacuum. If your child was shy when he was nestled with you and other family members, this will give him an exposure to meet and greet and introduce himself to strangers – let him take that first step. This will boost his confidence and he will be able to present himself in a public space confidently.

  1. Stepping stone to adult life

Soon he/she will be a grown-up man/woman and the small lessons learned here will prove beneficial for his future life. Sharing your room with another person will make him learn about peaceful coexistence. Taking pride in your surroundings will make your child humble. These and other little things will be self-taught as a lesson when he is in boarding school.