Why Residential Schools in India are Special?

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Residential Schools in IndiaThe concept of boarding schools in India is still at a primitive stage. There are many concepts that has still not been unfolded about what makes a residential school special. In India, the cost is of prime concern and a majority of students from distinguished backgrounds join boarding schools. Apparently, the trend is changing and children from mediocre families are also joining the bandwagon.

Boarding schools today, have replaced the traditional concepts of education and has altogether provided a new dimension to the field of learning. The pedagogical techniques and mechanisms used for teaching are by far some of the best mediums which are used in the teaching-learning process.

Numerous factors accounts to make Chinmaya Vidyalaya Nauni one of the best residential schools in India

Faculty– One of the most striking thing about these boarding schools is the faculty or the teaching staff. The faculty is chosen to provide uninterrupted attention to the students and students can also reach out to their teachers as per the instructions given. This allows a free flow of communication between the two and ensures a transparent and clearer dialogue.

Discipline– Boarding schools are known to provide strict guidelines for children across ages and hence, this gives parents a sense of security that their child is in safe surroundings.

State of the art infrastructure– Boarding schools provide state-of-the-art infrastructure to enhance grooming of their students. Right from smart classes to digitally enhanced interactive classes to well-equipped lab to art and design studio to a music and dance academy from renowned choreographer, a boarding school ensures all such exercises of academic and non-academic curricula, par excellence.

Make students independent-These schools provide a fair balance of learning for all students and make them independent. The tasks and curriculum is designed in such a manner that it gives them an edge over other students in terms of oratory, grasping skills, personality and in other areas of development.

Instil confidence and creativity– Such institutions instil great confidence and creativity amongst the students. You will notice a much brighter side of your student when he comes out of these schools.

Cultural valuesTop residential schools in India accommodate students from across different parts of India, and sometimes international students too. This makes them a hub of cultural knowledge which generally day schools are not able to provide. Thus kids studying in hostel/residential schools have a better perspective about various cultures and this gives them strength to get easily mixed with different people.