Advantages of Sending Your Child to Boarding School

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Is boarding school the right place for your child? If not sure, read this blog. In India, there are many boarding schools for boys and girls that offer both quality learning and beneficial character building training. However, sending to a residential school is not an easy decision. Your children need to adapt to a new environment. Separation from parents, family and friends makes the decision even more hard. Besides these, financial costs also play a big role. Keeping all these facts aside, a boarding school creates a constructive atmosphere, offers quality education, and takes care of overall personality development of students. Below are few advantages of sending your children.

Discipline Maintenance:-
Inculcating disciplines and a sense of punctuality in students is the first and foremost advantage your children reap at a boarding school. Most probably, those students who are disobedient and naughty are sent to residential school. This is because, this type of education centre is widely known to change their attitude and instill the quality of discipline. A reputed boarding school maintains a strict timetable. Students of all classes are required to be punctual.

Attention to Students:-
In boarding school, teachers give an absolute attention to every student. This is because, most of the residential schools generally have a small class and a small number of students. The classroom settings are often designed in a way that allow teachers to make regular eye contact with students. Due to a small number of students present in every class, teachers create a kind of environment in which every students get interact with their teachers. It helps teachers focus on overall development of each student.

Proper Care to Students:-
The majority of boarding schools in India have advanced grades in either in terms of education or another specialty. The faculty members take proper care to students. They keep watch on children 24 hours to ensure they (children) are following their daily routine – such as getting up early in the morning, taking breakfast on time, attending class regularly, come to the yoga class, etc. Apart from that, faculty also cares for students’ physical health. There are 24 hours medical facility. In some residential schools, there is in-house medical experts who take proper care of children.

Good Food Availability:-
No doubt, food is very important – both for happiness as well as proper physical growth. The best boarding schools tend to put a lot of effort into providing their students healthy and tasty meals. In the breakfast, children have a cooked breakfast, cereal, toast, porridge or fruit. For lunch, there is a very wide choice of excellent food. Usually schools include hot meals, salads and vegetarian dishes, interesting desserts and fresh fruit. In the evenings, the food is likely to be just as good and plentiful, with similar choices. Depending on student’s choice, there is vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods.

Extracurricular Activities & Sports:-
Apart from good education, good food, and other specialties, boarding schools also create opportunities for their students to take part in extracurricular activities. The activities are design to build team spirit and help in intellectual development of every child. This is one of the significant aspects of a boarding school. Besides, boarding schools also have state-of-the-art infrastructure for sports. All students are encouraged to participate in at least one outdoor or indoor sport. It helps them boost their confidence level also to be physically fit.