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Health, Nutrition & Well being

Being a residential school means that the well – being of every child is our priority – from the food that they eat every day, to their day-today-health and their security in the event of natural disasters.


Open gymnasium is a unique facility provided by the school. It is scientifically designed to support physical growth of the children. It has less chances of injury and less hazards. Children can use it under able supervision of trained gym trainer.


In consultation with a nutritionist, the overall meal plan for the children is drawn up to ensure a well balanced diet to meet their needs.

The school dining hall serves vegetarian and egg meals, however the quality standards and variety is monitored closely.


There is an in house infirmary capable of giving first aid, and is overseen by the Health Centre in the University campus. In case of an emergency the child is rushed to the nearest hospital.


In preparation for unforeseeable natural disaster or eventualities, the school has been designed with large corridors and easily accessible exits to facilitate immediate evacuation.

Furthermore, disaster management classes and regular drills are held to ensure that every child is aware of safety measures in case of such eventualities.


The school has an in-house health care centre with a qualified in-house doctor. In case of any emergencies, the case will be rushed to the nearest hospital. Medical leave can be taken on the approval of the school doctor or if any doctor deems it necessary. Leave for any other purpose may be taken only after giving prior notice to the Principal and receiving the Principal’s approval.


Parents, children and their respective house mistresses are given a unique identity address (accessible only to them) on the website, via which they are able to report the child’s development. This helps parents to keep up-to-date with their child’s progress at the click of a button.

Additionally, cell phones are given to each child to call their parents on a fixed day every week. The child is permitted to speak to any member of his/her family. The children have emailing facilities during the week. Social networking is permitted.

They have regular, supervised town outings and week ends with parents every month.
Students will be granted an extra outing on the recommendation of the House Mistress and the Principal’s approval, as a reward for exemplary performance or good behaviour.


Different excursions are organized for kids at various periods. Outings to the town arranged by the school are organized twice a month. Parents may also take their kids on outings on these days. Night outs may be taken only with prior permission from the Principal. Trips will be organized once every term to different locations within the country and abroad.

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