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Co-education Boarding School for Girls & Boys

Co - education Boarding Schools

Co-education has many advantages associated to it that help prepare children to enter the real world. As compared to single gender education, co-education is more inclined towards developing a child's understanding for life. Co-educational boarding schools for girls and boys follow a curriculum that educates them together, allowing them to develop better understanding towards each other’s abilities.

At co-educational schools, all students grow up together and are equally treated to face the challenges of life. These boys & girls boarding schools in India let both the genders share activities like dramatics, art and other social engagements. It helps widening the child's talents and has a broad-minded outlook towards life.

Co-educational institutions help the girls and boys to enter the world out there where they need to tackle all kinds of situations involving all kinds of people. These schools provide them with a healthy environment where the students are highly motivated to succeed in post secondary education. Co-education also boosts up the spirit of education between boys and girls, which further helps them fit in a mixed society.

A Canadian Survey showed that the boys in co-educational schools are found equally engaged as the single gender schools and they relate equally to the concepts and instances used by the teachers. Even the girls pursuing co-education are found engaged in academics and in class discussions too. This survey overturns the traditional viewpoint, which says that the students are distracted by opposite sex peers resulting in poor concentration to the studies.

Chinmaya Vidyalaya, located near Shimla is among Best boarding schools in India with state of the art hostel facilities. The education structure at Chinmaya Vidyalaya aims to prepare the children for a better life.

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