Top Class Facilities at Chinmaya Vidyalaya

Dormitories are among the facilities that every parent considers while finalizing residential schools for children. At Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Dormitories are well maintained by the Resident House Master, who also is a faculty member. He/She is always available to provide personal counseling and guidance to students. Considering the co-educational structure of the school, separate hostels are maintained for boys and girls. The school also has predefined disciplines to be maintained by students during their stay in hostels. A full time Matron/Warden is also available in each hostel to keep track of the welfare and needs of students. The wardens at Chinmaya contribute well in nurturing and grooming the students through love, affection and persuasion instead of harsh methods.

Facilities ensured at Dormitories:

The dormitories at Chinmaya are spacious and properly ventilated, allowing natural light to come in. Each dormitory has common bathrooms installed with modern fittings ensuring abundant hot and cold water for bathing. The beds are also ensured to be comfortable with coir foam mattresses and pillows with adequate bed linen. Each student has spacious wardrobe. Apart from this, spacious common rooms in the hostels are also equipped with televisions, music systems, reading materials and number of indoor games. This helps promoting interaction among students. Further, to make students more competitive and interactive, they are divided into four houses, each of which is guided by a House Master.

Dining Hall:

The Dining Hall in the dormitory is spacious and fly proof, capable of serving 200. The faculty members and students dine together, where the faculties supervise dining habits of students and help them develop good eating habits and table etiquettes. The quality of food served to the students is timely checked and maintained, as we very well understand that for children, good nutritional food is a basic need.


Chinmaya believes that sports are one of the significant factors contributing in a child's development. For this, the school gets the students involved in an extensive sports and physical education programmes. The sports faculties also organize different sports events, recognize the interests of students in different sports activities, and motivate them for the same. We boost our students to explore their interests in Horse Riding, Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Hockey, Lawn Tennis, Badminton, Table Tennis, Yoga, Boxing and Athletics. The school has also been holding state level and inter-state tournaments for these.

Health and Medical Care:

Chinmaya Vidyalaya aims at promoting health care of the children studying here. For this, we emphasize on maintaining a pollution free atmosphere, modules for regular exercises and a balanced diet for good health of our students. The school pays special attention to the students' health and medical care.

Dr. Sunil, Director of our school is himself a qualified physician, who looks after the health care of the children. For this, basic and emergency health care facilities including an ambulance are ensured to be available at the medical centre of university.

Communication Facilities:

Communication facilities are primarily required at every residential school. We also understand the need and so, we have state of the art communication facilities including telephone, fax, e-mail and internet.