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The Mentors

The teacher student ratio of the school is 1:10.All the teachers are required to be fully qualified and good proportion have invaluable experience gained at some of india's most highly regarded schools.

Many teachers live on campus with their families and all participate in the school's comprehensive extra-curricular activities. Indeed they bring a rich diversity of interests and expertise to school life.

The success of Chinmaya Vidyalaya can be credited to its cadre of committed and talented teachers for whom the education profession is very much a calling rather than simply a job.


 Mr Shubhojit Ghosh (Principal) (M.A. European Literature, M.A. English, B. Ed. and Sangeet Ratan -Sitar Recital

Shubhojit Ghosh (Principal) (M.A., B. Ed.,) did his schooling at st.xaviers institution, kolkata. His higher education is under Calcutta university and periyar university. He started his career from a very tender age, way back in different institutions in kolkata. His administrative capabilities were recognised by many institutions and thus, in spite of his age he was appointed to a position of HOD, administrator and quality inspector. He has also written books on kindergarten, which was published by S.V publication. He has served many premier institutes, some of them are Indian heritage school, st.judes high school, the doon global school,rosy public school, etc. he firmly believes that a school is temple of education and that teachers are the priests. He has worked as executive journalist in EDUCATION INFO, a weekly on education. His knack on Indian classical music and his recital of sitar has fetched him many awards pan India and even gold medal. He has played in AIR and DOORDARSHAN since he was a child. He was also awarded with sangeet ratna on 2005. His discipline is reflected in the institute he had headed.

 Mr. Sushil Kumar (PGT Chemistry and Vice Principal)

A Post Graduate in Chemistry from The Bhopal University, and he has done his B.Ed (Chemistry) from Lucknow University, Mr. Susheel Kumar has been the one among the mainstay of Chinmaya Vidyalaya for the past Eight Years. He is sincerely dedicated to his profession and is an asset to the school. A strict disciplinarian and administrator, he also adorns the positions of Vice Principal of the school and the Hostel Superintendent. He brings in a wide range of experience to his colleagues as well as the students, which makes him a popular figure in the campus.

 Ms. Ritu Juneja (Administrative officer)

She is head of the administrative department and she did her M.com from HP University and NTT also. She handles the public relation activities of the school. She takes care of the parent student enquiries and admission related queries. Her pleasant approach is always appealing and she is always willing to help with any problems being faced by the students.

Mr Virender Kumar (Mathematics)

Mr Virender Kumar (PGT Mathematics) did his M.Sc. from H.P.U. Shimla University and his B.Ed. from Jammu University. He has a teaching experience of 7 years. He has been teaching in this school since March 2007. He is very hard working and energetic. He loves to read books and playing with Maths. He creates interest in the students to study Mathematics. His aim is to impart the best education with the latest technologies so that every child can progress in every field.

Mr. Harshwardhan Kaushik (PGT Computer Science)

Mr. Harshwardhan Kaushik, is an PGDCA, M.Sc. Computer Science and MCA from the Kurukshetra University. He also has a Diploma in Software Engineering from National Institute of Information Technology. He has nine years of teaching experience at different levels. He has worked at Govt. sen. sec. school (Boys) Solan and Green Hills Engineering College, Kumarhatti (H.P.). His aim is to acquaint student’s with knowledge of computer and to develop their skills.

Mrs Soma Thakur (TGT Hindi)

Mrs Soma Thakur (TGT Hindi) is a post graduate in Hindi from H.P.U, Shimla. She did her B.Ed. from Kurukshetra University. She has vast teaching experience and has been a pillar of the school since long. Her hobbies are Singing, Gardening and taking parts in various sports activities. She has a ‘C’ Certificate in NCC. Her objective is to make students strong in their basic concepts in a pampered and well disciplined environment.

Mr Sidharth Avasthi (TGT English)

Mr Sidharth Avasthi (TGT English) did his M.A. and B.Ed. from Shimla University. He has a teaching experience of 5 years. He has been teaching in this school since 01 April 2011. He is very hard working and energetic. He loves flora and fauna and enjoys his teaching upto the brim. He creates interest in students to study hard. His aim is to impart the best education with the latest techniques so that every child prospers in his or her respective field.

 Mr Anshul Verma (TGT Mathematics)

Mr Anshul Verma (TGT Mathematics) pursued B.Sc. (Non-Medical) and B.Ed. from H.P.U. He has been working in this school for the past six years with his great zeal for Mathematics. He ensures that all the students develop interest in the subject. He wants to encourage active learning and participation in the classroom, thereby helping students to become productive and successful citizens. He has a passion for Cricket and Reading.

 Mrs Shanta Verma (Primary Teacher)

Mrs Shanta Verma (Primary Teacher) teaches the Nursery class. She is a post graduate in Hindi and History from H.P.U. She has done her B.Ed. from IGNOU and NTT from Akhil Bhartiya Shiksha Sansthan, New Delhi. She has been working in this institution since 2004. She is self motivated and has a positive attitude. She imparts good education and makes students prosper in every field. She loves teaching and reading books. Her aim is to become an excellent teacher.

 Mrs Rameshwari Sharma (Librarian)

Mrs Rameshwari Sharma (Librarian) works as the librarian of the school. She has done her B.A. from H.P.U, Shimla and has a diploma in Library Science from Kurukshetra University. She has qualified NTT from Mother Teresa Institute and has seven years of experience in the field of teaching. She has been working in Chinmaya Vidyalaya since 2011. She strives to impart as also gain knowledge and facilitates learning by motivating and encouraging students. She takes a keen interest in reading.

 Mr Shamsher Thakur (PTI)

Mr Shamsher Thakur (PTI) is the Physical Training Instructor in the school since 2008. He did his B.P. Ed. from Amravati University and his M.P. Ed. from B.U. Bhopal. He has worked as a physical instructor in B.L.V.T.T. for three years and H.V.T.I. for two years. He is also the hostel warden. He has represented the state in Volleyball, Basketball and Throwball.

Mrs. Sushma Kumari (Primary Teacher)

Mrs. Sushma Kumari is a Post Graduate in Sociology, from HPU, and a got qualified from Jammu University, to be a teacher. She is a kind hearted person who love kids very much and the vice versa too. Stitching and knitting are her other passions and is the in-charge of the clubs as well. She has been a part of Chinamaya Vidyalaya, for the past six years.


Mr. Kaushik Chowdhury (PGT Geography)

Mr. Kaushik is a Post Graduate in Geography from CSJMU, and has completed his B.Ed. from Calcutta University. He has also completed his PGDCA from Singhania University, Rajasthan. He is a young and energetic teaching faculty from West Bengal who believes in hard working and dedication to his profession, for which he was recognized by the Ministry of Human Resources & Development, Government of India, in his very first of year of this profession itself. His passion extends to photography and is an astonishing cricket player.


Miss. Rajni Sharma (PGT Political Science)

Miss. Rajni Sharma is a Post Graduate in Political Science and is a qualified teacher from HPU, Shimla. She has been the one among the mainstay of Chinmaya Vidyalaya for the past Eight Years. Compassionate, caring and a strict disciplinarian, she also adorns the responsibility of the Hostel Superintendent (Girls) and the Oversll Incharge of School Clubs. She has been a passionate teacher all through her career, who had been taking good care of all-round development of the children, by inculcating moral values, language skills, and so on.



 Mr. Naresh Tomar (Foreign Language Instructor)

He is an accomplished Foreign Language Teacher who has a degree in M.Com with foreign language accreditations from Maxmiller Institute. He has an experience of five years having worked as a translator in Amazon, Bangalore and then as a German, Spanish and French instructor in Infotech, Jalandhar. He is known for his clear and descriptive ways of explanation.



 Mr. Sahil Bharadwaj (PGT English)

He is M.A. in English from Edge Hill University, England & B.Ed from Amity University, Delhi NCR. He has also done a Certificate Course in Creative Writing from Sri Aurobindo Centre of Arts & Communication, Delhi. He has been to Ukraine, Europe through AIESEC for an International internship to teach English to Russian students. He is a pantheist, voracious reader, Literature lover and a vivid dreamer. He is an Optimistic person who imbibes and spreads positivity.


 Ms. Kirti Thakur (PGT Psychology and Counselor)

A guide, counselor and the teacher of psychology, Ms. Kirti has plethora of knowledge in her field. Her Post Graduate Degree in Psychology and Diploma in Counseling and Psychotherapy have been attained from the reputable Punjab University, Chandigarh and B.Ed from H.P.U. She has a therapeutic charisma which she transfuses into the distressed students to heal and guide them whenever needed. She also teaches psychology to the senior students and has been a mentor to them for their personal and academic issues.

Ms. Sristi Mukherjee (PGT Biology)

She is an accomplished biology teacher in Chinmaya Vidyalaya , Nauni. She has done her M.Sc. in zoology and a B.Ed. from the University of Kalyani. She has taught in Indira memorial, English medium High School Kolkata, Kunigal Valley International Residential School Karnataka & Jain public School, Bangalore. She is also a certified graphologist.


 Ms. Preeti (PGT Accounts and Business Studies)

A very juvenile and yet extremely responsible teacher who plays well with the most tricky subjects such as Accountancy and Business Studies. She has done her M.Com from H.P.U. Having an experience of three years in the field, she has recently joined our school as an Accountancy and Business Studies teacher.


Ms. Neha Negi (TGT English)

She is a B.A. & M.A. in English from St. Bede’s College & H.P.U. respectively. She has done B.Ed from Bharai laureate Institute of Education & Training, Shimla. She is very passionate towards teaching and very sincere towards her job . The 3 D’s fall perfect for her i.e. Devotion, Determination & Discipline. The students Consider her as their confidante.


 Mr. Mahesh (TGT Hindi)

Mr. Mahesh is the Hindi and Sanskrit teacher who, through his youthful energy and enthusiasm takes immense pleasure in transmitting all the knowledge he has acquired in his field. He has done Masters in Sanskrit and B. Ed from H.P.U. He never fails to perform up to the mark when it comes to professionalism and always stays actively involved in various school related activities.


 Ms. Heena Thakur (TGT Maths and Science)

A young and simple lady with an experience of one and a half year of teaching, Ms. Heena makes sure to soothe the students’ queries with a patient and calm attitude. She has done her B.Sc and B.Ed from H.P.U Shimla. She has the spirit of doing everything perfectly without any shortcomings or faults and hence proves to be an asset for the school.


 Mrs. Sapna Sharma (PRT)

With an experience of seven long years in the field of teaching. She is a postgraduate in Hindi from the prestigious Indira Gandhi National Open University and M.Ed from the same institute. A highly qualified and dedicated professional she is, who always carries a caring and humble smile brightening the surroundings and cheering up the mood of playful little kids.


 Mrs. Babli Ghosh (PRT)

She is a M.A. in Bengali from Rabindra Bharat University. She is a primary teacher of G.K, E.V.S. and Maths. She is very calm, composed and warm natured and is quite firm with the students. She puts in her total effort in whatever she does. She gets fascinated with the surrounding natural beauty. She’s a person with immense patience and is sincerely dedicated to the school.


 Ms. Priyanka (PRT)

A highly qualified professional in the field of Information Technology, she is always ready to give her best in whatever responsibilities are belied on her. She did her M.Sc (IT) and MCA from Punjab Technical University and a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application from the Himachal Pradesh University. She has an experience of almost five years of working in various reputed institutions and has joined the Chinmaya family recently as a primary teacher for computers.


 Ms. Jyoti (PRT)

Ms. Jyoti’s sober nature, never fails to impress her students. She has done B.Sc and B.Ed from H.P.U Shimla and has an year and a half’s experience of working as a teacher. She is enthusiastic and hard working who is ready to provide the best of knowledge to her students.


 Mr. Devender (PTI)

He is a profound sportsman who did his B.A from H.P.U and Certificate in Physical Education from Sundernagar Board. Having gained an experience of three years and being a black belt in Martial Arts, he is a perfect role model for the fitness conscious people. He is the chief instructor of martial arts in Himachal Pradesh Gojuroyo Karate Academy and is proving to be a boon for the school as a physical training instructor who makes sure that the health and discipline of the students is maintained properly.


Ms. Santoshi (PTI Girls)

She has done her B.A. from PG College Rohru. Growing interest in volleyball, she became a volleyball coach of NIS Patiala. She was chief coach in Himachal Girls’ team for 3 times. Now, she is a lady PT teacher in our school. She makes sure that students are disciplined. She is kind and stern with the students according to the situation.


Mrs. Ritika Maria (TGT and Junior Boys’ Warden)

She has taken over the teaching of Vedic Maths in the school. She is M.A. in economics from H.P.U. She has done her B.Ed. from H.P.U. she has a teaching experience of 11 years, in schools like D.P.S , Auckland and Chapslee before joining Chinmaya Vidyalaya in 2015. She is a ‘Mother in disguise‘ to the Junior boys. She is a person who is reached by all for any queries related to studies or any other activity. She aims at providing the best possible education to the students for their excellence in their respective fields.

Mr. Piyush Minhas(PGT Physics)

Professionally, he is a physics teacher but otherwise, he is the all rounder amongst the lot. He has a knack in music, arts and what not. Having worked in Dehradun for two years he joined Chinmaya in July 2015. He is favorite of all and is admired for his multitalented approach.

Mr. Deshraj (Chief Accountant)

He did his graduation from HP University .He is of the most senior staff members who has worked in the school for a considerable long time period. He is the head of the accounts department who handles finance matters related to the school and is ever ready to solve all the issues of fee, pocket money or any other similar financial matter.

Miss Bhawna Sharma(Desk Executive)

She did her MBA from UHF Nauni. she is the front office executive of the school who is more than ready to assist in all the official matters. She is the front face of the Chinmaya for all those who come to the school and is an epitome of sophistication and elegance.

Mr. Rakesh (Office Assistant)

He did his graduation from H P University. He takes care of the stationary and uniform of the students and is on his feet almost every time to serve this purpose and provide each and every student with their necessary requirements.

Mr. Rajender (Estate Manager)

He did his MBA from PTU. He supervises the administrative matters and is around the school every time for helping in any infrastructural problems and dining mess issue. He takes care of all the basic conveniences of the students as well as staff.

Ms. Mehek Chawla (Nurse)

She is the nurse of Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Nauni and has done a GNM (Post Basic) Diploma and B.Sc Nursing from the University of Garhwal. She was the staff nurse in Mullana Medical Hospital before joining this school and is very caring with immense knowledge in the field of medicine. We are pleased to have an affectionate and sweet lady like her to take care of the students in case of health related issues.


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