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What is the teacher student ratio of the School?

The teacher student ratio of the School is 1:12.

What are the qualifications of the teaching staff?

All the teaching staff is qualified as per CBSE norms.

What are the results of the School?

We aim to ensure that all students achieve examination results which are better, relative to their abilities. We have produced 100% results in the CBSE Board examinations for the past many years with a number of merits and distinctions every year.

What languages are taught in the School?
Grade Nursery to Grade V English and Hindi
Grade VI to Grade VIII English and any two of Sanskrit & Hindi
Grade IX & Grade X English and any one of Sanskrit & Hindi 
Grade XI & Grade XII English
Are any foreign languages taught in the School?

No,foreign language are not taught in the school.

What are the subjects offered in Class XI and XII?

The School offers Science (Medical & Non Medical), Commerce with & without Maths and Humanities.

Do you provide extra coaching?

Yes, we do provide extra coaching as per the needs of the child.

Do you provide coaching for competitive exams?

No, we do not provide special coaching for competitive exams. As, these days the competitive exams are based on the CBSE syllabus, so if the child does well in CBSE he/she is also likely to do well in all entrance exams.

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