FAQ's Admissions

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How many students are admitted every year?

We admit approximately 50 students in various classes each year.

To which Classes are students admitted?

A child can be admitted to any class depending on the availability of a seat in that particular class/hostel. Generally there are more seats up to Class V.

When is the right time to apply for admission?

Ideally from 15th of October to 31st of December but we admit brilliant children at any stage during the academic year.

Can a child be admitted without the entrance test?

Entrance test is waived off in case of NRI's, Foreigners and for admissions to ClassXI. A Resident Indian child can be admitted without an entrance test on the request of the parents if the School feels that it would be practically difficult to bring the child for an entrance test due to the distance i.e., for Jammu and Kashmir. In such a case the School reserves the right to satisfy itself with the past performance of the child.

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