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Do you allow children to call their parents on phone?

The children are not allowed to call their parents. On the other hand the parents are allowed to call their children once a week on designated days and timings.

Is there any other mode of communication?

The students are allowed to send emails under supervision and letter writing is compulsory once a fortnight.

Do you allow the parents to meet their children & take them out?

The parents are advised to visit their children on Saturdays after School hours if they so wish. They can take the child out for the night and leave the child back on Sunday evening or Monday morning, only if it is not made a practice.

Do you take students out for tours, treks etc.?

Yes, the children are taken on an educational tour (optional) of 5-7 days every year. In addition they are taken on regular outings to places like Shimla, Kausali etc. A camp is also organised every year.

Is the School only for Hindus?

The School has students of various religions like Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs,Budhists and Christians and all the students are encouraged to practise their own religion in their own way.

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