International Boarding Schools in India - Students FAQ

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Can international students study in Chinmaya boarding school in India?

Yes, they can.

Can foreign/NRI students come on Tourist Visa to compare admission opportunities in various courses/schools and attain Student Visa while in India?

No. If aninternational students wants to explore various options to study in India before finalizing one, he/she can choose to apply for a provisional Student Visa of 6 months duration from Indian Mission abroad and aftergetting the confirmed admission while in India, he/she can then apply for a Student Visa by providing all necessary documentary evidences of confirmed admission, financial standing etc.

Can international or NRI students get a Student Visa directly from Indian Missions abroad?

Yes, provided they have confirmed admission to a course in a reputed/recognized school in India.

Will the students be given Report Card by the boarding school they intend to attend?

The students will be provided result sheet jointly certified by CBSE and the collaborating international boarding school in India.

Will the teachers be aware of the new pedagogical dimensions being suggested by CBSE?

The Board intends to conduct extensive teacher empowerment programs for the schools which would adopt CBSE curriculum.

Are there any specific recommendations for the attendance of the students in their classes?

The students would be required to have a minimum of 75% attendance on the total number of working days of the school.

Can the application fee be waived for international students in Chinmaya residential school in India?

No, we do not waive the application fee for international students except in very rare circumstances.

Can I study part time?

No, international students cannot study part time.

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