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Principal Message


Ever since I took over the reins of the school as Principal it has been a wonderful experience working here.The school has a sprawling lush green campus spreading over eleven acres. It stands tall as far as values are concerned and I personally believe that “values maketh the man”. In a society where values are fast becoming extinct, children at Chinmaya Vidyalaya still believe that their teachers are their makers. Broadly speaking religion doesn’t mean much to a school attending child but at Chinmaya the children themselves conduct the Havan on Sundays and Tuesdays. It is this aspect which makes Chinmaya Vidyalaya special.

In today’s highly competitive world, mental stress is a by-product of our involvement in daily activity; activity essential to our pursuit of knowledge. Co-curricular activities are considered most significant at Chinmaya as they provide mental rest and keep the children physically fit and happy.

Brilliance in academics is not enough for a student to become a responsible citizen. A balance of talent and participation helps a child to face the world. This is what Chinmaya stands for. My mission statement for the school is ‘To develop Leaders….one child at a time’. Every child at Chinmaya is special. With a caring and loving staff, the children at Chinmaya are groomed into young ladies and gentlemen to take up their role as responsible self supporting citizens of society.

A school edifice stands on four pillars namely sound academics, self-discipline, excellence in sports and moral and spiritual development. My role as the head of the institution would be to strive untirelessly to strengthen these pillars of Chinmaya Vidyalaya for which I need the unconditional support of all the parents who have placed their children in our care. Believe me your children are in safe hands. For those who intend to place their children at Chinmaya, be assured you’ll be making the right choice.

A point of advice to parents is that our children need to be respected and helped so that their self pride is built up. Let us appreciate their attributes, be it in sports, studies or even art. At the same time let us not anticipate too much, too early. Let them grow at their own natural pace without burdening them with our selfish expectations.

Nevertheless “Give us a sapling and we’ll give you a mighty tree with tasty fruits on it.”

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