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Mr Ritwiz Gaur

BSc (Hons), MA (English), BEd, LLM (Gold Medal)

1. Greetings!

2. In my dual role of a public school master (for 17 years) and House master (11 years), I was always in concurrence with what Horrace Mann wrote as early in 1849, “Never will wisdom preside in the halls of legislation and its profound utterances be recorded on the pages of the statute book, until Common Schools….create a more far seeing intelligence and a purer morality than has ever yet existed among communities of man”.

3. The fact is writ large in society where good school products make a significant mark by their performance and “an aristocracy of service, not of wealth, privilege or position”. But such unique and cherished characteristics of a school students certainly indicate towards immense responsibility shouldered by the educational team (comprising of teaching and non teaching as well, because I had witnessed even the support staff –known as Farrash at Mayo- played a key role in learning) which foster leadership as a culture in the school much beyond curriculum and activities.

4. My cherished innings at Mayo College foster further curiosity and enthusiasm and kept me “younger” amidst presence of fantastic, enthusiastic, inquisitive, articulate and very friendly youth – shaping well to be a responsible addition to society. This spirit of learning kept me abreast with changing trends of pedagogy, emerging parental aspiration, evolving teenage behavioural pattern and rapid transition of pastoral care.

5. With the ongoing spirit of learning, my then school management acceded to my request; and consequently I completed my five years of law education (securing first rank in entire University and bestowed with Gold medal) and in no uncertain terms soon realized that it has led me to be more equipped in educational administration; as in recent years school administrators have had to adjust to new paradigms of leadership and management other than increasingly changing curriculum and pedagogy. Largely as a consequence of the expansion of the applicability of educators’ legal duty of care, there evolved a dire need for teachers and educational administrators to keep abreast of developments emanating from statutes and judicial precedence, as well as from regulations and specifications. The present “transition” phase aptly reminds of Couzens & Couzens’ (1995) remarks, “Survival in an increasingly complex, changing and global environment, sets us on a never ending learning curve as we confront new situations and problems and simply have to handle”.

6. Chinmaya Nauni is a well established name in residential educational circuit. As a school, we aim to ignite a spark for learning in all young minds, that inspires and creates independence for life within an environment that is safe, stable and caring for all. Our staff, management, parents and pupils are determined to provide the very best for our children so that they learn in school and for life.

7. We believe in all our children and we are committed to ensuring that our children are always ready for the next step of their development.

8. We hope you enjoy looking at the website and social media links and all the fun and exciting learning that goes on here!

VP Message Board

Mrs Ashi Gaur


After spending great fifteen years of teaching and parenting at St Mary’s Convent S S School and Mayo College in Ajmer, it has been lovely to feel so welcomed into the Chinmaya Fraternity.

I am passionate in my belief that all children deserve excellent teaching but equally that all children are capable of remarkable achievements and efforts and should be encouraged at all times to go beyond their best.

Chinmaya Fraternity is totally committed to further developing the all though academic including the curriculum and pedagogy to its fullest extent.

I will be visible at the academic portals all days and would encourage parents and children to come and talk so that we all can strive together for excellence and paramount welfare of our children.

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