Go to TopThe school goes through its usual routine of the seasons of many sports, games and co-curricular activities which keep both students and staff ever busy and active. As a result they lead a healthy life at Chinmaya Vidyalaya. Talents in various fields are tapped, recognized and appreciated. This is possible because of a well planned and well balanced school calendar.

1 Monday New Session Begins
13 Saturday  
14 Sunday Outing (Juniour Boys and Girls)
15 Monday Himachal Day( Holiday)
21 Sunday Outing(Senior Boys)
26 Friday Inter House Painting Competition
4 Saturday Camp Trip 
5 Sunday Camp Trip
6 Monday Camp Trip
7  Tuesday Camp Trip
8 Wednesday Camp Trip
17 Friday Inter house Quiz Competition
26 Sunday Outing
31 Friday Inter House Drama Competition
2 Sunday Outing
14 Friday Inter House Debate Competition
27 Thursday Unit Test 1
28 Friday Unit Test 1
1 Monday Investiture Ceremony    
4 Thursday Unit Test 1    
5 Friday Unit Test 1    
8 Monday Unit Test 1    
10 Wednesday Unit Test 1    
16  Tuesday Unit Test 1    
19 Friday Chinmaya Carnival    
20 Saturday PTM    
21 Sunday Monsoon Vacation Commences (Borders Leave)
4 Sunday Monsoon Vacation Ends (Boarders Return)
9 Friday Inter House Poetry Competition   
15 Thursday Independence Day Celebration  
23 Friday Inter House Rakhi Making Competition
24 Saturday Janmashtami Celebration  
30 Friday Inter House Declamation Competition
5 Thursday Teachers Day Celebration
9 Monday Terminal 1
11 Wednesday Terminal 1
13 Friday Terminal 1
14 Saturday Raksha Bandhan Celebration
16 Monday Terminal 1
18 Wednesday Terminal 1
20 Friday Terminal 1
23 Monday Terminal 1
25 Wednesday Terminal 1
29 Sunday School Trip
30 Monday School Trip
1  Tuesday School Trip  
2 Wednesday School Trip and Gandhi Jyanti (Holiday)
3 Thursday School Trip  
4 Friday School Trip  
5 Saturday School Trip  
6 Sunday Mahaashtami Celebration  
8  Tuesday Dusshera (Holiday)  
9 Wednesday Subject Enrichment Assessment  
11 Friday Inter House Folk Dance Competition
12 Saturday Subject Enrichment Assessment  
16 Wednesday Book Fair and PTM (I - V)  
17 Thursday Book Fair and PTM (VI-XII)  
18 Friday Subject Enrichment Assessment  
20 Sunday Diwali Vacation Commences (Boarders Leave)
3 Sunday Diwali Vacations Ends ( Borders Returns)
14 Thursday Children's Day Celebration and Annual Sports Day
19  Tuesday Unit Test 2/ PreBoards X and XII
22 Friday Unit Test 2/ PreBoards X and XII
25 Monday Unit Test 2/ PreBoards X and XII
28 Thursday Unit Test 2/ PreBoards X and XII
2 Monday Unit Test 2/ PreBoards X and XII
6 Friday Unit Test 2/ PreBoards X and XII
7 Saturday Annual Day Celebration
8 Sunday Winter Vacation Commences (Boarders Leave)
2 Thursday Pre Board Preparatory Classes for IX-XII Commences
2 Sunday Winter Vacation Ends (Boarders Return)
21 Friday MahaShivratri (Holiday)
28 Friday Science Exhibition
9 Monday Holika Dahan Celebration
10  Tuesday Holi (Holiday)
12 Thursday  Terminal 2
14 Saturday Terminal 2
16 Monday Terminal 2
18 Wednesday Terminal 2
20 Friday Terminal 2
23 Monday Terminal 2
25 Wednesday Terminal 2
27 Friday Terminal 2
30 Monday PTM Classes I-V
31  Tuesday PTM Classes VI-XII
1 Wednesday New session Commences
MONSOON VACATIONS Monsoon Vacation Commences (Borders Leave) 21-July-2019
  Monsoon Vacation Ends (Boarders Return) 4-August-2019
DIWALI VACATIONS Diwali Vacation Commences (Boarders Leave) 20-October-2019

Diwali Vacations Ends( Borders Returns) 3-November-2019

WINTER VACATIONS Winter Vacation Commences (Boarders Leave) 8-December-2019

Winter Vacation Ends (Boarders Return)2-February-2020

Category 2019-20
April Badminton Inter House Competition      
May Athletics Inter House Competition and Table Tennis Inter House Competition
June  Chess and Carrom Inter House Competitions      
July  Football Inter House Competition        
August Inter House Basket Ball Competition      
September Inter House Cricket Competition and Inter House Volleyball Competition
October  Lawn Tennis Inter house Competition and Cross Country  
November Inter House Martial Art Competition      

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